Wrafrane can't swim

2021.10.16 14:33 Dbhatt97 Wrafrane can't swim

Warframe can fly , skate, travel through space, fly Orbitor and build Wepons and other warframes and annihilate entire armies. But can't swim. Why?
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2021.10.16 14:33 tanahm Parents won’t give me (19f) independence.

For a bit of backstory, I had cancer when I was 9 and got diagnosed with Crohn’s disease at 12 (chronic life long illness). So I’ve spent a lot of my life in hospital and need constant hospital visits every three to six months.
The issues I’m facing is that I was required to have the covid vaccines due to being at risk, which is fine, I was completely fine with getting the vaccine. I got the first dose in February 2021, but the real issue starts when I had to get the second dose.
It was around May 2021 so I had my end of term exams (for university). My dad kept pressuring me to get the second dose but I told him I will, just as soon as I finish my exams - in two weeks. He kept insisting because we had a family gathering coming up, and he didn’t want me to miss out on it due to pain from the vaccine.
I was already stressed out from the exams and having so many assignments due, that I was getting annoyed at them pressuring me. My dad starting telling me that he doesn’t care what I think, and he’s just going to book the vaccine appointment for me this week. Being 19, I told my parents that if they book this without my consent, I will call the hospital and revoke their authority over my medical decisions. My mum looked at me and promised me that she would not even call the doctors about the vaccine unless I’m present in the room. I thanked her and we finished dinner.
The next day, my mum comes into my room and informs me that she booked the vaccine appointment for the next day. I was so annoyed I couldn’t believe it. She kept trying to guilt trip me and say parents know best, and that she was only doing this for my benefit. That afternoon I called the hospital and said I don’t want any medical information going to my parents, and I revoke their authority over my medical decisions.
It’s been five months since then and my mum is always bringing up this story to family members and friends, saying she wasn’t wrong for doing what’s best for me. She keeps trying to emotionally guilt trip me into giving her authority back for my medical decisions by saying things like “my children don’t need me.” “There’s no point living if my children don’t want me.” Etc… Me and my sister have never said we don’t need her and I don’t know if I was wrong in this situation.
Does anyone have any advice on what I should do or if I was wrong for revoking their authority over my medical decisions?
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2021.10.16 14:33 sharonteng Ellora Caves is an archaeological site located in India. The complex were built between the 6th and 10th centuries during the Rashtrakuta dynasty. The most remarkable of the cave at Ellora is the Kailasa temple, features the largest single monolithic rock excavation in the world.

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2021.10.16 14:33 MP7FUCKER Hammer

I understand that the hammer tends to break quite early on in the pistol and was wondering if this is an acceptable replacement
I have heard about the cow cow hammer being a good replacement and was just wondering if this is as good
The part: https://www.tangodown.co.uk/gas-internal-parts/415-action-army-aap-01-tokyo-marui-glk-18-cnc-steel-upgrade-hammer.html
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2021.10.16 14:33 betterbetsbetterbets What would you do with this money if you made this much money with 16?

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2021.10.16 14:32 morenuh help

help https://pastebin.com/CGtsu3bL
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2021.10.16 14:32 woxv Can I use a GTX 1080, a GTX 1070, and a GTX 1060 all / some of them in the same pc for added power?

This is a technical question. Can I use two or all of those is the same pc for mining? If yes, how would I go about doing it?
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2021.10.16 14:32 N7_XpEcTz Sableye Raid 4364 9680 4220

Add me
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2021.10.16 14:32 Mortal_Engine Temp HP perks not working

Is anyone else having issues with Temp HP perks not working? Both Buckshot Bruiser and Face Your Fears are failing to trigger in 90% of situations. This is really disappointing and is hamstringing my shotgun and melee builds.
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2021.10.16 14:32 SuperOriginalName101 How to tell a d20's gender?

I don't wanna misgender my dice, but calling them by they/them feels kinda rude?
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2021.10.16 14:32 Spikey_Bot EasyAntiCheat Error and paladin black out screen

Hello guys I recently downloaded PALADIN but when I start it first of all EASYANTICHEAT doesn't allow paladin to get opened whenever I start paladin easyanticheat says error 10011 and I have to deal with it if my luck is good and I didn't get errors by EASYANTICHEAT and games start then only game sound is coming the screen of paladin is completely blacked out and I have to close it. Its been 1 week since I downloaded Paladin and using it but non time I am able to see the home screen also I mean it doesn't start either I get easyanticheat error or get black out screen PLS HELP ME I AM VERY UPSET WITH THIS
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2021.10.16 14:32 shoemovies12 [MATCH POLL] Gold Leader vs Laura Kelly: Who You Got?

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2021.10.16 14:32 _bluch_ These guys are fucking disgusting

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2021.10.16 14:32 Grzyboromir Little problem

Hello. I have a little problem. There are a lot of small pins in the container, and only a small part grows into adult mushrooms. What could be wrong? temperature, humidity? any ideas ?
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2021.10.16 14:32 loukasTGK What is a simple dessert recipe that includes yogurt and milk?

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2021.10.16 14:32 Patterson9191717 Millionaires and billionaires are lining up against Kshama and supporting the recall effort because of her role in organising movements that won $15/hour, the Amazon Tax and around renters’ rights

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2021.10.16 14:32 Qomp Bachalpsee, Switzerland [3366x4208] [OC]

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2021.10.16 14:32 roubaixSport Anyone running these tires?

Just curious if anyone has been running the Bridgestone Dueler AT Revo 3 on their truck. My Falken wildpeaks are wearing down and I dont think Im going to go with the Falkens again. Right now its between the Bridgestone Duelers and the Nitto terra grappler G2. I think the Falkens are probably beefier than both the Bridgestone and Nitto tires, however for whatever reason it seems like there are no wildpeak at3w available in the northeast, at least at places like costco, town fair tire, and even tirerack. Any honest reviews would be greatly appreciated, the Falkens have lasted at least 40k miles for me since I got the truck used with used tires on it in 2017.
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2021.10.16 14:32 0rw3ll2021 Struggle Sessions in the Toilet

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2021.10.16 14:32 scarroll05 Rp ?

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2021.10.16 14:32 Slutty_sissy_shay sissy 4 24/7

👀 4 daddy to REfeminize and train me. 1 year experience living as a sissy know how to apply makeup myself and have pictures to show my potential. I believe I have what it takes to be a star in the sissy community 👀 4 daddy that wants ownership resulting in 24/7 situation. I am willing to relocate if we vibe. must supply clothes n ok working from scratch
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2021.10.16 14:32 franchise2005 Madden 22 - PS5 Next Gen Franchise League - Has openings - Send DM for more information 1 slot available

Madden 22 - PS5 Next Gen Franchise League - Has openings - Send DM for more information 1 slot available Madden 22 - PS5 Next Gen Franchise League - Has openings - Send DM for more information 1 slot available

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2021.10.16 14:32 Substantial-Wheel754 All identity Theifs will be brought to justice even if you consider yourself a normal person claiming benefits for someone else. You will get caught come 2022 💯…..

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2021.10.16 14:32 tiktok_is_cursed After all these years, finally...

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2021.10.16 14:32 Yahoo827373 5 hjerter: Roland Møllers pibebakken og minespil er fremragende. Det er resten af serien også

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