2021.12.06 16:59 strawberry_poptart1 HELP

i cannot find anywhere how to code if i need a data point to have a value in between 2 numeric values. meaning how would i code something like wanting points above 50 but below 60, etc.
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2021.12.06 16:59 Living_Schedule_6560 Looking to make new friends [Friendship]

Hey Everyone! My name is Markus I'm 18yo and i am looking for a long term friendship
My interests are cooking, listening to music, politics and lately i have started to learn danish and I really enjoy reading Manwha, I'm open to talk about pretty much anything^^
Thank you for reading! I hope to see you soon
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2021.12.06 16:59 mynameiswack Can the Turkish burslari accept me with 7 igcse and not learning Turkish language before?? (international student)

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2021.12.06 16:59 hallofmontezuma American Wagyu brisket

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2021.12.06 16:59 dbknews Maryland Hillel promotes togetherness with Spin Love, Not Hate on last night of Hanukkah
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2021.12.06 16:59 reddinas Fastest way to lvl from 40 - 60?

Hey it’s me, agin :P I’m getting sick of running around to all my farmhands I need lvl 60 asap.. I saw a video where people placed spice bazaars and recycled and repeat.. hardly this is the best way? Any tips are welcome except “plant crops” because I already know that lol.
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2021.12.06 16:59 Zuology Quilted for coziness on this dreary day

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2021.12.06 16:59 No-Character-4785 Anyone noticing even less engagement from recruiters this month?

I don't know if it's even possible to be more extreme than what it already is...but does anyone notice that there is even less acknowledgment of applications lately? I have sent so many applications in the last week and expected some sort of status update (even a rejection) by Monday (today)....

I have experienced nothing but an even louder frequency of radio silence.

Is it just me?
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2021.12.06 16:59 Theboss6k Who's your favorite movie director and what's your favorite movie from that movie director?

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2021.12.06 16:59 candleguy009 Recommendation for a "Chef Knife"

Hello, there reader,
I'm looking for a durable chef knife that will last me for years to come. I use the chef knife every day as I'm always preparing meals at home for myself. Below is the filled Questionnaire:

  1. Style - Western. Since the knife is one piece from the tip of the knife to the end of the handle.
  2. Steel - Stainless Steel
  3. Handle - Western
  4. Grip - Handle
  5. Length - 8-inch. I've been using the 8-inch chef knife for years and the only time I've had a little issue with the length is when I'm cutting the whole watermelon.
  6. Use Case - Home for a variety of fruits, vegetables, and fish.
  7. Care - Honing(Stainless Steel) once in a while and whetstone once a year.
  8. Budget - 150$
  9. Region - US
  10. Knives Considered - Victorinox VIC-7.7400.20G Grand Maitre Chef's 8" ( Since it has a wooden handle and I'm a su**ker for natural beauty and age. I also like the Japanese blade with all the patterns on the blade. They give the knife a character. So a wooden handle with a patterned blade would be the chef knife for me.
Thank You
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2021.12.06 16:59 waywardminer 12/4-12/6 - 16,590* new cases (5530 /day); 1277** new deaths (42.3/day); 17.52/19.49/18.82% positive test rate; 44,822/43,499/32,730 tests

12/4-12/6 - 16,590* new cases (5530 /day); 1277** new deaths (42.3/day); 17.52/19.49/18.82% positive test rate; 44,822/43,499/32,730 tests submitted by waywardminer to CoronavirusMichigan [link] [comments]

2021.12.06 16:59 Feetsies__ Ebony feet 🥰 who wants a taste ?🤤

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2021.12.06 16:59 vserb1337 Rock Band 4 DLC/Export Question

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2021.12.06 16:59 fairymoonglow A guide

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2021.12.06 16:59 WhatsItToYou07 Friendly PSA for us, brats!

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2021.12.06 16:59 Austriaoida Put your nose in the middle to see a donut

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2021.12.06 16:59 FindingWhole8771 ??

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2021.12.06 16:59 villehaartt Birthday party on the moon?

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2021.12.06 16:59 MemerThoughts Only bad things happen when daylight is described as broad.

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2021.12.06 16:59 That-One-Unfunny-Guy Insufficient Funds

So there is this in app purchase i want that is $4.99 and i have $5.27. The tax where i live makes it $5.28. How can i get 1 cent?
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2021.12.06 16:59 tittyslicer 3.5 weeks post op DI with free nipple grafts.. still a lot of black, some occasional mild pain in the nips.. how’s it looking y’all, anything to be concerned about? Most 3 week pics I see are a lot less black so I’m just slightly anxious about that… 2nd pic is a close up of the nips.

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2021.12.06 16:59 we_are_sex_bobomb I’m seeing a lot of confusion out there, so here is a simple chart for everyone

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2021.12.06 16:59 flex_tyler Failing the quarter

So I’m most likely failing every class 💀 what happens now. This my second time failing first was my first year and rn I’m a third year was doing good but just completely bottled the quarter. Most likely going on probation but with how bad I did I’m worried if I’ll get kicked out lmaoo
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2021.12.06 16:59 YOUH82SEEIT Episode 1 of "The Valley: A Brief History of Arizona Sports"

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2021.12.06 16:59 ducttapeallday Slipped and fell on it …. That’s the ticket

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