This subreddit is the most divided community I have seen

Yep. I have actually had to consciously unlearn this one too - particularly when I am talking to my daughter. I try not to use the word 'nice'. She doesn't have a obligation to be nice to anyone. I tell her to be kind and/or respectful, but never nice. Maybe have the window red to show you haven't completed the cleanup, and then have it green, and go away entirely when it's all clear. That way if you're standing next to the incinerator after tossing everything, but see the window is still red, you can select it, check to see what's missing, collapse it, and then run to find that one footprint. AMAs, or "Ask Me Anything" interviews, are among Reddit's most popular features. As of August 1, 2018, r/IAmA, which is the most popular community for AMAs, was the eighth most popular subreddit on the site with 17.7 million subscribers. During an AMA on r/IAmA and other subreddits, users can ask questions to interviewees. Main Encountered Deities, with their symbol icons, arranged by alignment. Note that Yeenoghu is not typically referred to as a deity, and there is conflicting information on whether Orcus is a god or a servant of the Betrayer Gods; both are demon lords.. The pantheon of Exandria is roughly divided into the Prime Deities (who are generally seen as good- or neutral-aligned and for the most part ... The three most popular words have a theme: “the first time” and “for the first” showed up 10 times, followed by “a new study” showing up six times. In the /r/Futurology subreddit, you’ll discover hundreds of other posts with this format. 8. “If You Have” is the Most Popular Headline Phrases in the /r/LifeHacks Subreddit This post links off to a promotional resource but gives the community the full text in a Reddit post -- this makes it easier for users to read and comment, and is seen as less spammy than simply dropping a link in the subreddit. Four startups that grew by doing things that don’t scale. Tinder With more than 130,000 active communities, there’s a subreddit for almost anything you can think of. We decided to research Mud Wtr Reddit reviews to see what we could learn. We found only one MudWtr community on Reddit, but there were a quite a few comments. Some as recent as a few weeks ago. Yep. I have actually had to consciously unlearn this one too - particularly when I am talking to my daughter. I try not to use the word 'nice'. She doesn't have a obligation to be nice to anyone. I tell her to be kind and/or respectful, but never nice. If men like Abe or John had encountered this version of the community, they would have been exposed to very different ideas about how the world worked. But things changed in the 2000s. Carson King (born: May 10, 1999 (1999-05-10) [age 22]), better known online as CallMeCarson (formerly TheBlueCrewPros), is an American YouTuber, comedian, Twitch streamer, and gamer who creates videos with his friends, typically recording themselves on Discord or in a video game such as Minecraft. He is also the founder of the former YouTube group Lunch Club and the clothing company, Pool Hall ...

2021.12.06 17:15 NoGravitySpacee This subreddit is the most divided community I have seen

Yall can't agree on any thing.
I mean we all israel is right in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and anyone that says otherwise is wrong.
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2021.12.06 17:15 edugzrz Weather boosted ZEKROM (wind) 6419 3550 0235. Will try to add 10!

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2021.12.06 17:15 iiLuJ Cheap wheel not being recognized

I have a genesis seaborg 300 its a random cheapo wheel and it isn't being recognized by ACC. It works fine in F1 2021 and is recognized. Checking in joy.cpl it shows up there but as a xbox 360 controller might that be the issue?
So far i have tried :
Disabling general controller settings in steam
Disabling steam input in ACC properties
Reinstalling the driver
Reinstalling the driver while in-game
Plugging and unplugging it
I would greatly appreciate any suggestions.
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2021.12.06 17:15 JustMattis ich_iel

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2021.12.06 17:15 DiscoDice Listen to old gimlet eye

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2021.12.06 17:15 Johannes-Wessmark My painting "Brothers in arms". Acrylic and oil on canvas. 26”x39” / 66x100 cm

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2021.12.06 17:15 discountcouscous What is your job and how much do you get paid?

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2021.12.06 17:15 mamaljurray Help me settle a debate with a friend

Who is better-looking in your opinion?
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2021.12.06 17:15 PokeGuy22226 Please help me complete my Sinnoh Dex!

Hey all, I need the following mon to complete my Pokédex, will trade all back. Let me know if someone can assist.
Burmy Wormadan Combee Drifloon Unknown Finneon Lumineon
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2021.12.06 17:15 dosbuster Neuschwanstein castle

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2021.12.06 17:15 _pummyummyumpkin_ What insurance will cover me? Extracted teeth 7 yrs ago, finally ready for implants.

TL;DR: please help me understanding how to find insurance plans that will cover a missing tooth and have a coverage limit of more than $2k/year.
Several years ago, I had a baby tooth get infected which infected the tooth next to it as well. Both teeth (incisor and canine, #10/#11) were extracted, but my mom didn’t have insurance and couldn’t afford to take care of it beyond getting a bridge put in. The bridge broke 2x, which led to the dentist making me a removable dental prosthetic that is kind of like a retainer to ensure my teeth didn’t move to fill in the gap. The dentist who made it was super generous to do that, but wasn’t able to help with the implants at the time. I graduated from high school with those teeth missing and went several years without getting it taken care of for various reasons. I eventually settled on taking care of it once I got a real job with dental insurance.
Now, 7 years after my teeth were originally extracted, I am finally in a stable place where I can see the same dentist 6 months from my first appointment (since it has been long enough I’m told I will need a bone graft to support the implants). My work is offering two DMO plans (Delta and Aetna) and one PPO plan (Aetna). The DMO plans do not cover missing tooth replacements, so I’m left with the PPO plan, which has a $2k max coverage.
Any suggestions for how to move forward? Some options I’m evaluating:
A: go with the PPO plan, get the implants and do bare minimum cleanings and preventative care otherwise. Pay mega $$$ since $2k is nowhere near enough to cover 2 missing teeth.
B: go with a DMO plan for regular coverage and then get a secondary insurance (how do I find one??) to cover the implant side of things.
C: find a completely different insurance that will cover the implant as well as my normal cleanings/cavities/X-rays etc. (max coverage would have to be more than the $2k most offer.)
D: Get DMO coverage for normal stuff and pay for implants out of an HSA and pay extra into the HSA this year instead of getting a more expensive dental plan.
E: don’t get any insurance, and pay for all dental care and implants out of HSA and work with dentists to get a cash-discount instead. HSA would be paid instead of the insurance company.
All of these options involve me crying in frustration at my ignorance of dental plans and wishing my mom or I could have realistically taken care of this when the teeth were originally extracted. Please don’t judge our naïve attitudes about implants 🙈
Another thing to consider is that I found a dentist I am comfortable with who only takes PPO plans - I’m less comfortable with going to just some random dentist in a network without a recommendation from someone I trust because a) I’m new to the area and b) I’ve had enough experiences with poor dental work to last me a lifetime. I need someone I can feel confident in who can do the job right without being shady or underhanded.
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2021.12.06 17:15 tricamham Just ran my first ultra!

Posting because I want to say a massive THANK YOU to everyone here that gave me advice. I ran my very first 50K and it was AMAZING. I thought I would give back by sharing a bit about my experience for anyone else that might find it helpful or inspirational in some way.
Previously, the farthest I had ever run was 24 miles. (I had done a handful of 30+ mile hikes in the past and some pretty high-mileage backpacking trips.)
I was more of a rock climber than a runner for many years, and would run 1-2 miles on the treadmill a few times a week as part of a regular gym routine. A friend convinced me to sign up for my first 5K in 2019, and I upped the gym mileage to practice running 3 miles which at the time seemed huge! After that, another friend convinced me to sign up for a 25K with her that fall. It sounded absolutely crazy and impossible, but I thought it might be fun to work towards a goal and see what I was capable of. I did it, and at the time it was a MASSIVE achievement for me.
Then of course lockdown happened, and I got into Strava challenges. I decided I would try to get the monthly half marathon badge every month, just as a fun personal goal. I did a handful of other half marathon and 25K events, and after one particularly enjoyable one (and a few beers) I decided to register for a 50K, and that felt ABSOLUTELY INSANE. I truly did not believe I was capable. I figured it would give me something to look forward to and train for. And if I was lucky, I could finish, crawling my way through the finish line.
I did not have a formal training plan. I made up my plan based on what I know about my own body, advice from a few friends that had ran ultras before, and this sub. I had a sporadic baseline of 5-30mpw for all of 2020 and 2021 before I started ramping up training. I did 5 weeks of ~30mpw, then from advice on this sub, upped it to 40-50mpw for 4 weeks (Week 2 I blew it and went past 50, and this was the first time I felt like absolute garbage and like running was miserable. I made it a point not to pass 50 anymore.) Two weeks before the race I dropped to 30-40mpw (honestly, this was tough, I wanted to do more and ended at 39.5), and the last week I did only 10 miles leading up to the race (This was really hard. I was in the habit of running twice a day and found it really tough to stay put.)
As part of the training block, I did a 25K race (I signed up for a 25K that was 3 weeks before the 50K, and a half marathon 8 weeks before, with the idea that this would force me to do these long runs even if I was having a tough time training) and it was AWFUL. It was the same course I had done in 2019, and I think I just got in my head about how much stronger I am now than I was then, and how I needed to beat my old time. I didn't beat my time. I worked my ass off out there and finished two whole minutes slower, and had an absolutely miserable time, cried a few times on course, tripped and fell, and threw up at the end. During that race I REALLY considered dropping out of the 50K. I felt like I had ABSOLUTELY no business running an ultra. If I was this miserable running a 25K, who did I think I was signing up for a 50K? It was a bad time and I was pretty devastated.
I had only one long run planned after that, a 20mi run that covered a lot of the same course as the 50K. It was... OK. It was a lot better than the 25K race, and I made a point to run very relaxed and keep my heart rate relatively low. Run slow. Don't get excited. By mile 16 I was starting to feel bad and was in a lot of pain for the last few miles. After this my thinking was that I MIGHT be ABLE to do the 50K... but it would be absolutely the hardest and most miserable thing I had ever done. And I needed to prepare myself for the reality that it might take me every possible allowed minute, and it might take absolutely everything that I had.
My strategy for the race was to just stay as casual as possible. I wore my favorite old shoes and old clothes. I didn't have an estimate for how long I would take, or a goal time. My only goal was to finish and have enough energy and spirits left to celebrate afterwards. I was expecting to have an absolutely miserable time, and I just wanted to try and enjoy it as much as I could. I even packed tissues in my drop bag so I would be able sit down and have a good cry at mile 22.
I ran with a friend and had casual chit chat with him and other runners for the first 13 miles. At that point we decided to split up and he ran off ahead. I just enjoyed the scenery and tried to look at my watch as little as possible. I took my time at the aid stations and more than anything tried to stay casual. Just another beautiful day out for a nice run. At about mile 20 I could tell my mood was starting to drop, so I put my headphones on for some music motivation. The course started to turn downhill and I started feeling really good. I even started passing some people, which shocked me. Of course that good feeling didn't last, and by mile 24 I started the "constantly checking how much farther I have to go" phase of the day. Just 3 miles to the next aid station, then just 4 miles to the end.
The piece of advice that came to me in that moment was one I read here on this sub: When it hurts to run, it also hurts to walk, but if you keep running, you will be done hurting sooner. I just kept running. It hurt but I somehow wasn't upset about it.
Around the time I rolled in to the mile 27 aid station, I started getting emotional. This was the farthest I had ever run in my life. I had just completed my first marathon. There wasn't that much farther. I could do it. It was really going to happen. It was really happening.
During that final stretch, I kept thinking about my younger self. Teenage me, skipping gym class, laughing in the face of anyone who might suggest I participate in any kind of exercise. Even 2.5 years ago me, terrified of that first morning I stayed on the treadmill for 3 whole miles. Anything is possible. I could feel myself on the edge of tears, finally allowing myself to run "fast" for that last 5K. Anything is possible.
I am not a fast runner. I am not a natural runner or a natural athlete. I have no idea what I am doing. But I did it. I picked a goal that seemed terrifyingly impossible, and I gave it everything I could. And I absolutely blew away my expectations. And somehow, beyond any dream, I loved it.
I can't wait to see what happens next.
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2021.12.06 17:15 Key-Brick7802 Corinna Kopf ⭐25GB+ New Updated Free Onlyfans MEGA with all sxtapes(Link in comment)👇📂

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2021.12.06 17:15 alee1449 Some comments are missing on a thread

I got an email about being replied on a thread, and when I went on the thread itself, the comments were missing.
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2021.12.06 17:15 Animegod74 The rewards r invis :c

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2021.12.06 17:15 HaveAHeart11 Alicia Keys Will Be on Drink Champs This Week #DrinkChamps #AliciaKeys

Alicia Keys Will Be on Drink Champs This Week #DrinkChamps #AliciaKeys Alicia Keys Will Be on Drink Champs This Week #DrinkChamps #AliciaKeys Follow Us! SUBSCRIBE ON YOUTUBE #goldenerahiphop #Music
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2021.12.06 17:15 Koalafications123 Realistic Covid Price for this Bike?

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2021.12.06 17:15 scardracs Dopo, after 2 laptops I've added a desktop pc too to my Gentoo gang :D

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2021.12.06 17:15 autismsaxperson Do you have a minute to talk about our lord and saviour

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2021.12.06 17:15 peix3r [For Hire] I will draw ANYTHING that you want for $15

You choose the style and will able to do modifications on the design during the process as your wish.
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2021.12.06 17:15 DankuBot me_irl

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2021.12.06 17:15 MysteriousAd3531 Does ALS cause twitching while active? I only get twitches when still

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2021.12.06 17:15 palexsly123 Exhausted when eating to the point of passing out

Hi, I'm a 22F, 85lbs and 5'3. I have severe chronic pain, severe scoliosis and suspected hyperthyroidism, and a deviated septum. For as long as I can remember whenever I ate I got tired. Not even tired but out of breath and absolutely exhausted when chewing. Now that I have suspected hyperthyroidism, I wonder if the fatigue when chewing and eating is related to that, or if it's because of my blocked nose.
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2021.12.06 17:15 Aromatic-Diver275 Is their anyone who hasn’t interviewed at all ?

Asking for a friend
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