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2021.12.06 18:17 MargarEight US, ~$600, light gaming only


Performance and durability above all. Battery life is not essential, will likely be used near power outlet always.
Gloomhaven digital multiplayer campaign, tabletop simulator, possibly stardew valley or other older games. Medium settings at minimum, want to eliminate lag. No heavy/intensive gaming.
None, but we have a small child so durability is a good consideration.
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I never thought about this but what do gay guys do when they have sex no offence. Are they always doing anal I am wondering if they are getting poo on there penis because it must stink to high heaven. That is not something I would do because it could probably make you sick
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Currently playing in Silver, working my way up. Haven't played since season 2 or 3. Add me on discord Brabur#2799
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Hi! Sorry for the re-post, just needed to clean some details of my survey up.
I'm currently participating in a work-study program and learning about market research at the moment. I'm looking to hear from other amateur writers to learn more about common writing habits, just to identify how the company I'm working with can be improved.
Thank you in advance, it's a huge help!
Here's the link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/16bK5tv0JkVXgE6-AAZpLmfbUyERQTbfxP8-SHVIhnjI
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2021.12.06 18:17 Erniemist Boneless Pie?

Welcome back to Ernie's colour theory lectures! This is the final installment of the series and we're going to be doing something pretty fun: Deboning the colour pie. Buckle up kids, life's about to get complex.
Before we start pulling the colour pie to pieces, let's think a little about what it actually is. Some of you might recall back to lectures 2 and 3 where we talked about the colour pie in terms of the conflicts between the colours and how to combine them together. That's coming back in a big way today. So, let's recap the colour pie overall.
The Colour Pie, in all its glory.
The outer ring of the above diagram assigns two values to each colour. For example, White is the colour of Order and Morality. What's interesting about this structure is that each colour only opposes its two enemies with one of its values, and opposes the other with the other. Going back to White, that means it opposes Black with Morality vs Amorality, and opposes Red with Order vs Chaos. I don't particularly like the names given in the above image, so let's rename them. I also know how much you like flavourey things, so I'll give them nice words too.
Morality vs Amorality / Light vs Darkness
Self-Determination vs Purpose / Onyx vs Emerald
Innate Identity vs Progress / Root vs Sky
Patience vs Action / Frost vs Fire
Individualism vs Order / Blood vs Bone
It should be fairly obvious which colour is which, but let's put it together here:
White = Morality + Order / Light and Bone
Blue = Progress + Patience / Sky and Frost
Black = Amorality + Self Determination / Darkness and Onyx
Red = Action + Individualism / Fire and Blood
Green = Purpose + Innate Identity / Emerald and Root
Let's also think about what each conflict actually means, because it's not necessarily clear from the names.
Morality vs Amorality is about how you act when the good of the group comes into conflict with the good of yourself. Light chooses the group, Darkness chooses the self. Light is generally trying to act in such a way that their actions benefit as many people as possible, where Darkness is trying to act in such a way that their actions benefit themselves as much as possible. Like all the conflicts, this is a spectrum that people can exist on at any point.
Self Determination vs Purpose is about whether you feel that you should find happiness and satisfaction in accepting/trying to find the role that life or destiny has set out for you or whether happiness comes from mastering your fate and defining your identity for yourself. Generally Onyx assumes the universe is chaotic and uncaring where Emerald assumes there's some kind of overarching plan or system in place to follow or maintain.
Favouring Innate Identity means you want to preserve and celebrate the identity of things that already exist or existed in the world. This includes the people's personality, cultures, history, traditions, places, and natural life etc. On the other hand, favouring Progress means that you want to reinvent these things and celebrate the new innovations that are coming. People can change, culture is flexible, we can replace forests with space elevators and your cat with a personal robot. It's important to remember that neither Root nor Sky are necessarily more egalitarian than the other, they just care about different things.
Patience vs Action categorises your approach to life in general. A person with a philosophy involving Patience might want the exact same thing as someone who favours Action, but go about trying to acquire it in an entirely different way. Fire wants to experience life to the fullest and believes that hanging back will cause you to lose out on actually living life. Frost wants to ensure they have every angle covered, acquiring as many relevant skills and as much knowledge about a situation as possible to guarantee they'll make the best possible choice.
Finally, Individualism vs Order is about from where you derive truth. Blood is all about trusting your own opinions, feelings, and judgements about the world and deriving truth from there. Someone who favours Blood wants to be as much them as they can possibly be, expressing themselves as an individual in the face of conformity. Bone derives truth from structure, believing that no individual person has all of the answers and that subjective approaches to life are inherently flawed. Those who favour Bone might base their structure on a creed, a religious institution, the democratic process, or a dogma. The important part is not that the structure can't change, but that any changes must be carefully considered before being recklessly implemented. Bone finds it easy to make decisions when its structure tells it what to do, but finds it difficult to be flexible when the way forward is unclear.
All clear so far? Good - oh, there's a question. Yes, what exactly is the point of all this? Well, it helps us to combine the colours in different ways. Clearly someone wasn't paying attention to lecture 3, time for some revision.
Everyone talks about 'colour combos' or 'colour pairs' or 'guilds', but we usually don't think that hard about how we actually put, for instance, White and Black together to make Orzhov. There's some vague idea that the colours bend towards each other and compromise on their differences, but what does it actually mean? I suspect most of the time people just already have an idea of what Orzhov means and go off of that. The more scientific way to do it is to look at the conflicts.
To make Orzhov (meaning White/Black, not the Ravnican guild) we need to combine White and Black. Genius, I know. White is Morality + Order and Black is Amorality + Self Determination. We know that they disagree on Morality vs Amorality, so we'll have to leave that out when defining Orzhov-space. (Note: Sometimes people split the difference on Morality/Amorality by saying Orzhov supports an in-group at the expense of an out-group. This is 100% a valid expression of Orzhov, but it's not the only way the colour combo can exist.) Since we can't know where Orzhov exists on the Morality vs Amorality spectrum, it must be defined by Order + Self Determination / Bone and Onyx. That means it derives truth from structure, but also assumes the world is chaotic and their destiny must be mastered. This combination opposes the whimsy of Red and Green and tends to produce driven leaders who rise the ranks and impose order their subordinates out of respect for the dangers of the world. Whether they're working for the benefit of themselves or others, this is the defining point of Orzhov philosophy. An excellent example of this in Magic is [[General Kudro of Drannith]]. He goes to extreme lengths to carve out a place on Ikoria for his people, at dire cost to the other species of the plane and the freedom of the citizens of Drannith.
Interesting, right?
All the enemy pairs work a similar way, existing at some point on the axis of their conflict and being defined by the other two conflicts of their shared colours. Here are the rest of them:
Golgari: Innate Identity + Amorality / Root and Darkness.
Simic: Patience + Purpose / Emerald and Frost
Izzet: Individualism + Progress / Blood and Sky
Boros: Action + Morality / Fire and Light
Orzhov: Order + Self Determination / Bone and Onyx
Some of you might be wondering why I started with the enemy pairs instead of the allied pairs. If you like, you can stop to think about why that's the case. I'll pause the post for a little bit while you think.

So, we do the allied pairs second because they have two separate interpretations which makes things a little more complicated.
Let's look at Azorius as an example (White+Blue not Ravnica blah blah blah). White is Morality + Order, Blue is Progress + Patience. Now these don't actually directly conflict in any way, which is why these are allied colours in the first place. There are four ways we could combine these together, but we're going to focus on the two symmetrical ones for now. Either we could combine both of the values that oppose Red, or the values that oppose Black and Green. Since Azorius is the opposite of Red, we'll start by combining the two that oppose Red: Order + Patience / Bone and Frost. By now some of you will have realised the flavour words are largely pointless, but there is actually a good reason for them coming later. Anyways, Azorius is the colour of Bone and Frost, deriving truth from structure and preferring long term planning to immediate action and experiences. Therefore Azorius people are usually efficient organisers who keep everything running by maintaining a structured view of reality in which everything is accounted for. It's difficult for their systems to react to the unexpected, but this probably doesn't happen often. Philosophically speaking they spend a lot of time trying to refine a system which provides a framework to inform their actions in as many scenarios as possible. Look for these people on forums discussing strange variants of the trolley problem.
Now, the other (symmetrical) way to combine Blue and White is to use their other values, the ones that oppose Root and Darkness (Hey, that's the Golgari combo!). This would of course make it Morality + Progress / Light + Sky. Since this is the opposite of Golgari and also uses the aspects of White and Blue that *don't* oppose Red, this is how we get 'Jeskai' in Conflict Theory. Jeskai being the colour combo not the Tark- nevermind. Notably, Light and Sky shares no values with Bone and Frost. Their only connection is through their values sharing a colour. You can work out what Light and Sky looks like on your own (sounds pretty utopian to me though), let's move on to listing the rest of the allied pairs and wedges.
Azorius: Order + Patience / Bone and Frost
Dimir: Progress + Self Determination / Sky and Onyx
Rakdos: Amorality + Individualism / Darkness and Blood
Gruul: Action + Innate Identity / Fire and Root
Selesnya: Purpose + Morality / Emerald and Light
Isn't it neat how the little flavour words feel right for the combo?
Jeskai: Morality + Progress / Light and Sky
Sultai: Patience + Amorality / Frost and Darkness
Mardu: Self Determination + Action / Onyx and Fire
Temur: Individualism + Purpose / Blood and Emerald
Abzan: Innate Identity + Order / Root and Bone
Usually, anyway.
So, that's all sorted out neatly and was mostly revision. Some of you may be wondering where the shards are, since it looks like we're kind of tapped out on symmetrical ways to combine colours. Sorry to burst your bubble, but shards are the Santa Claus of the colour pie. They don't really exist, they never have, and we're not getting a return to Alara. The more advanced students might have noticed that all of our combinations use two defined points in a system with 5 possible axes and know that a 5 dimensional hypercube has 40 3-cells and we've only used up half of those. Now, when I say the 'more advanced students', I actually mean 'me' (and maybe Jerdle I guess), and that's what I'm going to talk about next.
We've looked at 20 ways so far to combine two values together to define a new philosophy space, including the initial 5 colours. For any two spectra there are four combinations of values - High High, High Low, Low High, Low Low. There are also 10 ways to take a pair of things out of a set of five. Ask the Quandrix kids if you want to know why. Point is, this gives us 10 combinations of spectra and four combinations of value pairs per spectra, giving 10*4 = 40 total value pairs. We have 20 of those so far, now it's time to look at the other 20. But first, a word from our sponsers.
No, that'd be a dumb excerpt, even for me. However, there is actually something we need to do first. Remember how earlier I pointed out that there was nothing connecting the utopian Jeskai to the diligent Azorius except that their value pairs happened to live in the same colours? Yeah, that's very important. This is where we actually start deboning the pie. Or, in a more literaritical sense, deconstruct it. It's more like cracking an exoskeleton than deboning anyway. We're going to decouple the value pairs within a colour from each other, and therefore the colours themselves. We're going to stop thinking about colours at all. Forget White, forget Rakdos, forget all of the colours. From now on we're only going to think about our little philosophy spaces in terms of the values themselves, not the colours. Now, if only someone had spent an article giving you nice memorable flavour names for these values that we could use instead...
Let's start by looking at the asymmetrical combinations that we discussed earlier. I'm also going to give you a little bit of a lookahead and start using the names that me and my elite team of colour pie experts came up with for the individual philsophies. At one point we were trying to combine Morality + Order / Light and Bone, also known as Civilised, with Progress + Patience / Sky and Frost, also known as Perfectionism. (Yes, these are White and Blue). We know that combining them symmetrically lead us to Utopianism (Light and Sky) and Diligence (Bone and Frost), but when the bloody pieces of pie and scattered randomly around the room there's no such thing as symmetry anymore. The other ways to combine these value pairs are Morality + Patience / Light and Frost, and Order + Progress / Bone and Sky. The former I call Hope and the latter Refinement. If you're really desperate you can think of these as Azorius shifted towards White and Blue respectively, since they combine the values that oppose White and Blue's enemies respectively. Just remember that's not really too meaningful down where we are. Let's apply this method comprehensively:
Hope: Morality + Patience / Light and Frost
Endurance: Self Determination + Patience / Onyx and Frost
Solitude: Self Determination + Individualism / Onyx and Blood
Artistry: Innate Identity + Individualism / Root and Blood
Nurturing: Innate Identity + Morality / Root and Light

Refinement: Order + Progress / Bone and Sky
Shrewdness: Amorality + Progress / Darkness and Sky
Desire: Amorality + Action / Darkness and Fire
Pursuit: Purpose + Action / Emerald and Fire
Fellowship: Purpose + Order / Emerald and Bone
Remember that a lot of these names were made by me, so if they don't seem to match up with the individual values, the values are more important.
This gives us 10 philosophies, leaving us with 10 more to find. In colour pie terms they'd be a really weird expression of an enemy guild. We don't really have a term at the moment for someone who, for example, prefers Action to Patience and simultaneously prefers Progress to Identity. You could call them Izzet, but that would be the same label as you'd use for someone who prefers Patience to Action and Individualism to Order. The same exact label describes two people with opposite philosphical preferences in the central conflict of the colour pair, which is very odd. Fortunately Conflict Theory has the answer and allows us to map out all of these combinations too.
Contractualism: Amorality + Order / Darkness and Bone
Ambition: Amorality + Purpose / Darkness and Emerald
Visionary: Progress + Purpose / Sky and Emerald
Radicalism: Progress + Action / Sky and Fire
Dogmatic: Order + Action / Bone and Fire

Vigilantism: Morality + Self Determination / Light and Onyx
Uniqueness: Innate Identity + Self Determination / Root and Onyx
Composure: Innate Identity + Patience / Root and Frost
Self-Reliance: Individualism + Patience / Blood and Frost
Solidarity: Individualism + Morality / Blood and Light
By the way, I'm pretty sure Niko Aris should have been Vigilantism given their whole deal is "was meant to be an athlete but ran away to be a hero.", but WOTC isn't good enough at colour pie to know that I guess. You can have the other 20 names later.
Anyway, what can we do with this? Well, it provides a new way to colour yourselves. I know that's why you're all really here anyway. Gotta get those quiz reps in. It also allows us to think about philosophic spaces that should exist in the pie but are really hard to see normally. Oh, and you can make some cool alignment charts.
Try to understand what on Arcavios is going on - Continue reading.
Go to sleep until it's over - Skip down to the divider made of '=' symbols.
Let's do some maths.
I've kind of been hinting as we go along that we're really dealing with five axes on which you can have a high or low value, those being the five conflicts. In normal space we live in three dimensions (time isn't a spatial dimension), which means that to fully define any point we need to know where it is on all three dimensions. If we lived in two dimensional space (a plane) we'd only need to know two independent numbers to fully define something's position. It therefore follows that if we know five independent numbers we can represent that as a point in five dimensional space. Unfortunately we are only 3d and can't really visualise that properly, which means we have to look at the shadow of a five dimensional space and make our best guesses. Looking at the shadow isn't really that hard, we do it for normal cubes all the time, look:

A cube! Or is it?
This is the shadow of a three dimensional object displayed on a two dimensional screen. Your brain is still able to interpret it as 3d because you've seen a lot of 3d objects, but the idea is the same. All you have to do is draw the extra dimension at a jaunty angle and we work out that it's really a cube. We also know that the squares are square, even though they're weirdly distorted and look more like rhombi. Many of you have probably seen a 4d hypercube before, or tesseract, but let's look at that one next:

The 'inside' cube looks smaller than the 'outside' cube because it's further away from us / closer to the light source. This is still a shadow remember. When you look at a normal wireframe cube face on the back face also looks smaller, but it's really just perspective. The same thing is happening here, except it's being projected into 3d and then into 2d. In this case the fourth dimension is in/out, but that can change by rotating the tesseract in 4d. You could also have one that looks like this:

Still a shadow. Don't let the metallicness fool you.
This one's mid rotation, so it looks weird, but it's still made of perfectly rigid cubes. Now let's look at the 5d version:

Despite the colouration, this has nothing to do with Temur.
So how does this help? Well, you might remember that I talked earlier about 'defining philosophical spaces', which is a suspiciously mathematical term. Given that all of our philosophies have defined points on two dimensions out of five, this means the other three must be free to be anywhere they want. Three free dimensions defines a cube, so that means each of our philosophies must be cubes in the 5d hypercube. First off, we need to know what the dimensions are. Here's a hypercube shadow I prepared earlier:

The Colour Pie, in all its horror.
If you look carefully, you can probably see the 5 dimensions here. There are the four normal looking cubes, each of those has three dimensions. Then there are the two that attach the cubes together (forming more in the process). It may sound like one of those optical illusion things, but there are actually 40 cubes in this diagram. We need to assign some values to these dimensions. Let's make up-down be Morality vs Amorality / Light to Shadow, left-right can be Innate Identity vs Progress / Root vs Sky, and front-back can be Action vs Patience / Fire vs Frost. This roughly mirrors how it looks on the colour pie normally if that helps.
Not to Scale
Finally we need to assign values to the other two dimensions. The one that's more up-down can be Individualism vs Order / Blood vs Bone and the other one can be Purpose vs Self Determination / Emerald vs Onyx.

Also not to scale
For clarity, I'll demonstrate where Adventure (monored) would live. It's defined by Action and Blood, so it's the cube which contains all 8 points that share those values:

That's technically a cube.
Given this we could draw out the whole pie, which I'm not going to do because it'd take ages, but it should be clear that every philosophy can be mapped as a cube on this penteract, and that the colours aren't any different to any other philsophy except in that they go all the way round the penteract in a nice pattern.
Typing time!
So let's say you want to use this to work out what kind of person you are. Well, tough. You kind of already need to know what kind of person you are. You do get a cool label though.
1) Think about each of the conflicts and what they mean.
2) Pick 1-3 conflicts that matter to you and ignore the others.
3) For each conflict you care about, decide if you lean more towards one side or the other, or if you're split down the middle. Write these down I guess.
4) If you only care about one conflict and you have a specific side, then you get each philsophy that contains that value. There are 8 of these, so I'd recommend narrowing it down a bit.
If you only care about one conflict and are split then things are even worse. You exist in the space between the two sides, which means you cut through every cube that doesn't contain either of those values. There are 24 of these, so you really need to work out what you believe if the only thing you know is that you're split on something.
If you care about two conflicts and know which side you are, things are very easy. Just look up that combination of values and you're done.
If you care about two conflicts and are split on one then you exist in the space between the cube formed by the value you're sure on and each of the extremes you're split between. You can think of yourself as split between them, or you can find the list of cubes that you pass through. There are 6 of these, it's every combination of the value you're sure on and each value that doesn't oppose it and isn't included in the split.
If you care about two conflicts and are split on both then you can either consider yourself the midpoint of the four possible extremes, or you can find the list of cubes you pass through. This will be the 12 cubes that don't contain any of the extremes. Again, try to pare it down.
If you care about three conflicts and are sure on all of them then you get the three cubes defined by each possible pair of values among those conflicts.
If you care about three and are sure about two of them then you get the cube defined by the two you're sure about, plus the 8 cubes defined by a combination of either of the values you're sure about with every value except the values you're directly opposed to or the extremes of your split. That's 9 in total. Yikes.
If you care about three and are split on two of them then you the 6 cubes defined by the value you're sure on and none of the extremes.
If you care about three and are split on all of them then you get the 4 cubes defined by none of the extremes. I know, it's weird, but so are you apparently.
I guess I'd better write down the names for everything now:
Hope: Morality + Patience / Light and Frost
Endurance: Self Determination + Patience / Onyx and Frost
Solitude: Self Determination + Individualism / Onyx and Blood
Artistry: Innate Identity + Individualism / Root and Blood
Nurturing: Innate Identity + Morality / Root and Light

Refinement: Order + Progress / Bone and Sky
Shrewdness: Amorality + Progress / Darkness and Sky
Desire: Amorality + Action / Darkness and Fire
Pursuit: Purpose + Action / Emerald and Fire
Fellowship: Purpose + Order / Emerald and Bone

Contractualism: Amorality + Order / Darkness and Bone
Ambition: Amorality + Purpose / Darkness and Emerald
Visionary: Progress + Purpose / Sky and Emerald
Radicalism: Progress + Action / Sky and Fire
Dogmatic: Order + Action / Bone and Fire

Vigilantism: Morality + Self Determination / Light and Onyx
Uniqueness: Innate Identity + Self Determination / Root and Onyx
Composure: Innate Identity + Patience / Root and Frost
Self-Reliance: Individualism + Patience / Blood and Frost
Solidarity: Individualism + Morality / Blood and Light

Civilised: Morality + Order / Light and Bone
Nihilism: Amorality + Self Determination / Darkness and Onyx
Surety: Innate Identity + Purpose / Root and Emerald
Perfectionism: Progress + Patience / Sky and Frost
Adventure: Individualism + Action / Blood and Fire

Diligence: Order + Patience / Bone and Frost
Indulgence: Individualism + Amorality / Blood and Darkness
Obligation: Purpose + Morality / Emerald and Light
Will to Power: Self Determination + Progress / Onyx and Sky
Authentic: Action + Innate Identity / Fire and Root

Authoritarianism: Order + Self Determination / Bone and Onyx
Grandiosity: Individualism + Progress / Blood and Sky
Tribalism: Amorality + Innate Identity / Darkness and Root
Heroism: Morality + Action / Light and Fire
Development: Purpose + Patience / Emerald and Frost

Utopian: Progress + Morality / Sky and Light
Cunning: Patience + Amorality / Frost and Darkness
Drive: Action + Self Determination / Fire and Onyx
Divergent: Purpose + Individualism / Emerald and Blood
Familial: Innate Identity + Order / Root and Bone

Well, that's all for now kids. I'll leave the 10 alignment charts for next time, but I'm sure you can figure them out yourselves.
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2021.12.06 18:17 bambin0 Modern Guide to the Tenderloin: Swank Cocktails, Diverse Eats + Hipster Hotels

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2021.12.06 18:17 gifmeuk New trending GIF on Giphy

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2021.12.06 18:17 No-Pomelo-5119 2008- The Turning Point- DNC 2008

2008- The Turning Point- DNC 2008 After joining the campaign in January 2008, Bernie Sanders has won in a shocking upset against Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton in a tight race. This has been attributed to white and Hispanic youth support and college-educated support overwhelmingly favoring Bernie, as well as urban rust belt workers [especially auto and manufacturing workers] and rural farmers who thought that Obama and Clinton were too neoliberal, moderate, hawkish, and pro-free trade.

Primary Results:

Who will be Bernie's running mate?

-Barack Obama [increased youth and African-American support]
-Brian Schweitzer [increased rural support, progressive populist, libertarian leftist streak]
- Evan Bayh [increased moderate support, increased support in Indiana]
-Joe Biden [increased middle-class support, increased Rust Belt support]
-Kathleen Selibus [increased female and rural support]
View Poll
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2021.12.06 18:17 frick_nutt instead of sleeping, i worked on a sweet tooth painting :D

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2021.12.06 18:17 Nyanikin Are the KKK really racists?😭😭😭

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2021.12.06 18:17 FeelAdventurous1691 How long does it take for cold/freeze damage to show???

My Black Friday Thai arrived a few days later than expected, delayed by USPS. It got cold last night though.. to freezing, but not below freezing. My Thai arrived today in really rough condition. I think that one leaf is still alive and okay. But the youngest leaf is definitely 100% dead. I’m wondering.. is it possible to save this plant?
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2021.12.06 18:17 marbleman2013 Upvote

Please upvote
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2021.12.06 18:17 Dr_Otacon Comparison of SWATCOM Active 8 and Peltor Sport Tactical 500s

This is a fillip to my post last week where I asked if anyone had had any experience and could compare the SWATCOM Active 8s to the Peltor Sport Tactical 500s (w/ gel cups). I didn’t get any real comparisons and I ended up purchasing the SWATCOMs. After taking them out to shoot for the weekend this is my quick comparison of the headsets.
Sound Mitigation: The Peltors win in this regard. They block out a little more sound from the gunshots than the SWATCOMS. This is also backed up by the attenuation charts. If I was looking for the most sound mitigation for indoor ranges this would be a huge benefit. Outside though the SWATCOMS did do a good job. I would still prefer to double up with both headsets when shooting rifles as I am very protective of my hearing but both work well on pistols and as a spectator without doubling up.
Sound Replication: Both these headsets are very different in this regard. The Peltors sound extremely natural and I would say they produce the most natural replication of sound between both headsets. However the SWATCOMS are very close. The difference comes when you turn up the volume on the SWATCOMs. While the peltors max out at a natural volume, the SWATCOMs get louder and produce what I would call super hearing. You can hear so much more than in real life. For instance inside I can hear the air handler and fans running in my house while I can’t without the headset and with the Peltors. One of the times this is very helpful is when you double up ear pro. You are able to increase the volume to help you hear outside voices with extra ear pro in. I really wish the Peltors had a mode that allowed a little extra volume for times like this.
Comfort: The SWATCOMs are much smaller and allow for a better cheek weld but are not as comfortable to me as the Peltors. While the SWATCOMs touch your ears at all times, the Peltors are very spacious and do not put pressure on your ears. In my personal case the peltors also have a hole for the top of baseball caps that holds them in place and prevents the point at the top from putting pressure on your skull. I actually had to reposition the strap on the SWATCOMS in front of the point at the top of the cap as the pressure started giving me a headache. The gel cups that came on the SWATCOMs were marginally better than the Peltors.
TLDR: Both sets of ear pro are great. If you need a low profile or want superhuman hearing go with the SWATCOMS, if you want a solid pair of ear pro and don’t mid them being a little large go with the Peltors. The sound reproduction is very close to natural sound and are leagues better than other headsets I have used (Walker Razors). They are also extremely comfortable to wear with the Gel Cups. For the price you can’t go wrong with them. While I would absolutely recommend the Peltors for anyone that had the extra cash to spare over other headsets (~$120 w/gel cups)I would be a little more reserved recommending the SWATCOMs (~$266) unless you really had a need for them.
If anyone has any questions about either of the headsets feel free to ask. I have had the Peltors for about a year and the SWATCOMs for only a few days. This is just my opinion after 1 range trip so consider it a quick comparison and not a long term review.
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2021.12.06 18:17 Poonfield_67 Need help with Christmas shopping for love interest

I wanted to buy the girl I’ve been talking to a Christmas present and decided on a sweatshirt but have no idea what size to buy her. She’s around 5’5” and probably weighs 140 pounds, if that. Can someone please help me determine what size would be best?
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2021.12.06 18:17 mvants20 Does immaturity depend on age or individuals?

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2021.12.06 18:17 serenesam Katie Cassidy - OMG go get vaccinated!!! Stubborn dumb assholes really piss me off.

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