Which Adversity Twin do you prefer, Jay or Mickey?

Jay from Altoona, WI. ... KC would obviously prefer to avoid Aaron Rodgers, but what advantages or disadvantages do they have knowing the situation in advance? ... Character is defined during adversity. This team has been dealing with adversity since the draft and it has galvanized them. I believe they will go into Kansas City and have another ... All eyes were on the apology tweets drafted by CISF (Central Industrial Security Force) officials on Friday afternoon, after actor and dancer Sudha Ch Instead, they prefer to breed in old woodpecker holes or in holes of rotting stumps. There is a trade-off, though. Because woodpecker holes are safer, competition with other cavity-nesting birds for the holes is also fiercer. Many embryos of chickadees are sired by males other than the social father. This phenomenon is known as extra-pair ... One of my favorite Leonardo quotes is “If you can do what you do best and be happy, you are further along in life than most people.” A reminder to a lot of people who enjoy what they do for a living, but sometimes take it for granted. 6 Taylor Swift. People around the world have gotten over messy break ups with the help of Taylor Swift. She ... While we do our best to keep these updated, numbers stated on this site may differ from actual numbers. We may have financial relationships with some of the companies mentioned on this website. Among other things, we may receive free products, services, and/or monetary compensation in exchange for featured placement of sponsored products or ... 93. “Do not do to others what angers you if done to you by others.” – Socrates. 94. “Every action has its pleasures and its price.” – Socrates. 95. “Prefer knowledge to wealth, for the one is transitory, the other perpetual.” – Socrates. 96. Jay Castello. Thu 2 Dec 2021 05.39 EST ... “I wanted nothing more than to ‘power through’ and succeed in the face of adversity and blaze a trail for other LGBT women to follow me in this ... They prefer the scent of men who are higher in testosterone. a. ... small children might be more likely to provide answers like "robin" or "blue jay" rather than "penguin." This is because robins and blue jays serve as _____ for the concept of a bird. ... of adversity over the course of their lives appear to withstand physical pain more easily ...

2021.12.06 16:49 sarahthequeen8 Which Adversity Twin do you prefer, Jay or Mickey?

Need to know your guys’s opinion on this so I can order them on the tierlist, my personal pick is Jay very slightly.
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2021.12.06 16:49 Lake169 This event is a nightmare

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2021.12.06 16:49 pleasedontfollowm3-5 Hallea Jones

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2021.12.06 16:49 WhiteWater0288 Retail Banking to Corporate Banking, Do you think i have a chance?

Hey everyone so I have been a retail banking sales officer for 4 years now. Annual revenue that was self originated was 40MM per year. Before getting in retail banking I had a successful residential property development company. Currently going to Texas A&M for a double MBA in Finance & Accounting. Currently have my Level 1 CFA and will have my 2 Before I graduate at the end of December in 2022.
Other qualifications are Python perfency, Java, SQL, Excel VBA and just completed the IBA Professional Data Analyst Certification. Also had a grad school internship last summer in Barcelona for 10 weeks where I worked with start up companies securing loans though venture capital markets.
Side projects: Worked on a digital payment system that uses unconventional rails with a open API and is currently being used in financial markets. Also developed a working cryptocurrency for a MBA project, is not live but the concept is able to be tested online through a website I host as well as having a published paper on the topic of using stable coin paired with unconventional rails with being verified through a blockchain clearing house. Pretty much me and a fellow grad student proved that businesses can do transactions without a 3% fee like Visa charges.
So I am 29 now will graduate from grad school in December of 2022 what do you think my chances of successfully going from retail to commercial banking? (I am also networking). Live in NYC and can move anywhere for a job if need be.
Side Note: I just lothe not being challenged in retail banking and want the BIG challenges that come with the commercial side. Just hope that this would be enough to get me into the industry.
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2021.12.06 16:49 dickwhistler22 Where do you guys draw the line between cheapskate and frugal

I mean, sometimes I just lose the compass. I just have to eat, drink, go out, dress well, pay rent. Frugality is often exhausting to me. Where’s the line between cheapskate everybody hates and smart saver (or spender).
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2021.12.06 16:49 desolatenature bUt WhAt AbOuT mY fEeLiNgS?

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2021.12.06 16:49 Tokestra420 My step son mentioned one of Dr Peterson's rules in his schoolwork and I'm so proud

My step son is in grade 6, and sometimes when trying to explain things to him, I point to these 2 wooden signs with the 24 Rules printed on them that I got from Etsy and reference one of the rules, telling him how I use it in my life.
Last week his class had to come up with TedTalks to do for the class. His was about not judging people (he's very caring and compassionate), and he talked not thinking you're better than someone because of your skin colour or your diet (I believe his teacher pushed some vegan narrative awhile ago and tried to make people feel bad for eating meat). But I noticed one line that stood out to me and made me cry, because I know he learned it from me. He said that you need to make sure you listen to people because someone could always know something that you don't (Rule #9).
It made me so proud to know that what I tell him sinks in at least somewhat. He is extremely negative about himself because his dad is borderline mentally and verbally abusive, always telling him he's stupid for not being perfect essentially. It's a huge uphill battle to change how he sees the world and himself, but it makes it all worth it to know we are making some progress. Hopefully next I can get him to focus on some of the rules that will help with his self-esteem and to become more positive.
Thank you Dr Peterson
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2021.12.06 16:49 RedDevil_Forever [Sky Sports Premier League] Gary Neville's Analysis

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2021.12.06 16:49 Idontcare09385 If you were having a bad day allow me to make it even worse.

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2021.12.06 16:49 Sweezy91 Enzo doing a Zoomie!

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2021.12.06 16:49 vrhrovat Can I drop this box off in a drop box or do I have to go into a post office to get it mailed?

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2021.12.06 16:49 JamesGiesbrecht Throwback to some of my previous jobs as a crane operator and oversized hauler

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2021.12.06 16:49 Prudent_Future4008 Log into Facebook

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2021.12.06 16:49 chaotic_lady What is your advice for first time cat owners?

Hi! I’m really interested in getting a pet cat however I have never had a cat before and neither has my husband. We both grew up with dogs and currently have a pet dog and tortoise lol
Is it better to adopt a kitten and raise it or to adopt a full grown cat?
What is the litter box situation like? That is the weirdest and grossest thing about cats to me. I don’t know where to put something like that in my house. Sometimes my friends who own cats have smelly houses so how could I avoid that stench in my own home? Could I train my cat to go potty outside? Would they run away?
How do you train and encourage good behaviors with a cat?
I think I would potentially treat my cat like a dog which would probably result in a mess lol
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2021.12.06 16:49 dieG0SU Even if the other team was trash like BREH, 343 owes me exp

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2021.12.06 16:48 Troyaferd Poll: Ugliest Charmed Girl

Who is the ugliest Girl in Charmed?
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2021.12.06 16:48 abujzhd Amelie Zilber on Instaggram: “I had the immense privilege of speaking to Secretary Buttigieg about the bipartisan Infrastructure law, breaking down…”

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2021.12.06 16:48 DanteFaustus Very Troika image.

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2021.12.06 16:48 MonstahButtonz A shout out to this sub for helping me find this 22 carat Ethiopian welo opal cheap!

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2021.12.06 16:48 Informal_Effect Mother

Breathe. Maintain flawless composure. Ignore the ache below the sternum, spinning maw of despair. Do not fall into it. Breathe. Push the grief for that-which-should-have-been back down, lest it rob you of reason. Think tactically first, always. Remember there is too little space for your feelings. Accept again they may not be permitted to have too much weight. Rage cannot serve us in this.
Those would bid you fight do not understand the cost of war. They cannot see the inevitability of innocent casualties, loneliness that would take root in the young. Self control must not lapse, it would be a betrayal of the one that matters most. What has been lost cannot be restored or replaced. Struggling against the razorwire wrapping your tattered heart will only make it bleed out faster. Be still. Breathe. Believe your love is stronger than your pain and make it so.
There are no hits that will land perfectly. No shots that won't spill innocent blood. Demons in you screaming for retribution cannot be unleashed without being glimpsed by little eyes you taught too well. So be still. Breathe. Light a cigarette and savor sucking poison into your lungs. Ignore the parts of you suffocating under the wreckage of idealistic dreams. Leave them for dead. Force yourself to smile. Assemble the perfect mask and staple it to your face.
Hide the cost. Obscure the toll. Bear the burden alone. There is no other way. There is no better choice.
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2021.12.06 16:48 Cozycrab182 Got about halfway through the event

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2021.12.06 16:48 GBNBot David Adjaye plans slavery museum in Barbados as new republic severs ties with Britain

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2021.12.06 16:48 itsabenhere [Chat][Friendship] <-- Looking for either/both of these!!

Hello there!
I am a 19M from North America, specifically, the US of A. Hope you're all having a fine day/night! I'm just here to possibly make a friend or two (or more!) Here are some things about me:
- I am a college student! Currently a sophomore.
- I love video games (I have a Switch/PS5/PC). My favorite is Persona 5 Royal, and I am a big Pokémon fan also.
- I love me some Netflix, so feel free to suggest shows! I love Scandal, Shameless, and I do watch an anime every once in a while too.
- I love exploring nature and hiking, but not so much swimming. Never been a fan of swimming haha
- I'm gay, so if you aren't LGBT friendly, probably not the place for you.
- I have a couple of pets, and am definitely going to have my own when I graduate college and have a solid paycheck
Feel free to hmu if any of that sounds interesting to you. Cheers!
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2021.12.06 16:48 VarusAlmighty Quest Verification

Last week I chose 50 trips for the first part of the week and I only completed 20. Now I think I should get paid for whatever 20 trips would have brought in had I chose it. Since at the bottom it says they'll pay out for the highest quest achieved. Well, 20 was the highest I achieved.
But that's fine, shady but I get it.
My question is this: if I choose the lowest quest of 10 trips and complete 70, would I get paid out for the 10 or the 70?
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2021.12.06 16:48 blanketyblank1 Merry Jizzmass from the former POTUS

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