I’m predicting r/workreform becoming a alt right haven

2022.01.27 02:55 beefmcstuffin I’m predicting r/workreform becoming a alt right haven

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2022.01.27 02:55 jesusgrandpa What is the best way to tank the second boss in Genesis?

Hey all, I’m new to tanking, I’ve done end game content in every other role and wanted to try it. The group I ran with did awesome, we did genesis, Lazarus, and then mutated. The only thing that I had trouble with was the second boss in Genesis. When the walls come down and there are a ton of adds we wiped a few times. I’m not really sure what to do there as a tank since they are dispersed and ton of ranged mobs. Any advice?
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2022.01.27 02:55 davidhunternyc 4K Throttling Problem When Watching YouTube?

I just bought a new MacBook Pro with M1 Pro chip and 32 GB of RAM. I went to YouTube to watch a 4K Movie in 2160p at 60fps (see below). The movie kept throttling. I checked my internet speed and I'm getting 25 mbps download speed (though I pay for 100 mbps. 😡) over my WiFi network. I'm not smart enough to diagnose which part of the chain is not working properly. Please help. Thanks.
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2022.01.27 02:55 liegef I love this monster too

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2022.01.27 02:55 jonesjones12 New ideas on older clip, hope you guys see this

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2022.01.27 02:55 temporalwanderer A new PSVR game called "Wanderer" with mention in the trailer of a "Temporal transporter"... I had to comment. [8 years]

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2022.01.27 02:55 mykoysmaster I think the Reason Ubisoft makes only genderlocked Heroes recently Is So they can have voiced trailers by that hero And not worry about what gender you slap on them later

Also maybe So they Dont have to model two faces but you know also the trailer thing.
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2022.01.27 02:55 SteO153 Overwhelming majority of ICU patients in Switzerland unvaccinated, show data

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2022.01.27 02:55 cantcodeme Enkore - Dhalta Chaand (Hip-Hop/Rap)

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2022.01.27 02:55 Timely_Search5854 What are the most effective examples of anti imperialist activism in the global north?

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2022.01.27 02:55 Samchangcs Thinking of getting the s20 fe. Was choosing between s10plus or s20 fe. Any thoughts? Or should i wait for s22 release just to see any significant price drop in previous flagships? Have great day

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2022.01.27 02:55 Tocolini123 Vlahovic should have done more! 86 goals isn't cutting it

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2022.01.27 02:55 PoopSockHider Tiredness

I have been mentally and physically drained the past year, i am progressively losing sleep and have a hard time in class. Bro it feels like no one is here for me, like they are hearing but not listening.
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2022.01.27 02:55 Silent__arrow The Panther Paradox

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2022.01.27 02:55 Cnrocha Update: got it on the rotisserie. Primer and underside coating done

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2022.01.27 02:55 Voldyneedsnose I don't know what to put here

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2022.01.27 02:55 nighttimenerd Convincing someone for a job?

I found a job I really want and know I would be good at doing, but the manager is asking for 2 years prior experience and says it's required. which I don't have. In this case when something is required is there anyways of conveniencing the manager to hire you anyways? Thoughts?
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2022.01.27 02:55 GothicVibezOoF the pee man

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2022.01.27 02:55 Royalehigh_addict trading these for rh stuff

-1 metal ox -14 lunar ox -3 normal ox -shiba inu -seahorse -2 crabs -dolphin -fennic fox
-bat wings accesory -fossil accesories
-hotdog stand -propellers -and a few more toys
-squirrel car -human bubble -some unicycle
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2022.01.27 02:55 WackyTabbacy42069 How sick are you guys seeing the exact same reposted question over and over again on this subreddit?

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2022.01.27 02:55 vanityofjay29 ITB India to be held virtually this year

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2022.01.27 02:55 E-tie-haugh-die A moment

A sound distracts me from the forum post I'm halfway through writing on my phone. Crinkling, crackling. An old man on the seat in front of me is opening a tiny package. He slips an orange morsel behind his face mask and into his mouth. A candy or throat lozenge. Then he drops the tiny plastic wrapper. On the ground.
Right there on the ground. Next to his feet. When I say he dropped it, I don't mean accidentally. This isn't the absent-minded brushing away of barely-memorable lint or crumbs. He didn't forget to put it in his pocket. He deliberately sought to relieve himself of the burden of small, inorganic waste, by thrusting it upon the containing capacity of this public transport people mover. And there, vicariously, in turn, upon the people that work to clean such spaces.
The outrage.
He should know better, shouldn't he? Wrinkled hands, white hair, spots on the side of the face... This man has to be over eighty. Is there something wrong with him, that he would have not learned, even at this late a point in life, that you shouldn't litter? Maybe he thinks that he is justified, or entitled to litter on the train? A lot of men in this country are like that: always ready to explain how something is someone else's responsibility, and never their own.
Should I pick it up from under his seat, while leering at him? Would that make him ashamed, to know that somebody saw his little act? I'm leering at him right now, but he's very good at not noticing me.
I imagine telling him "you dropped some rubbish there, sir." And he would reply "bah, the cleaners can get it," as he hobbles out of the train and down the stairs off the platform.
After all, the station attendants have to deal with drunk passengers every Friday night, right? So you're practically allowed one free punch on them once a week. Eh, old man? That's what you're saying, you know.
Well, whatever. He's gone now. Decrepit old coot.
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2022.01.27 02:55 Character-Dance5236 People sometimes ask why I left my wife to marry my ford I got two words for ya, tail pipe on the 2021 Ford F-250 Hell YEAH

America fuck yeah
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2022.01.27 02:55 optimus2prime Inside the darkness of Farkon, something red shines either eyes or heart. Every fisherman wants to get him for yourself. @ World of Defish

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2022.01.27 02:55 vanityofjay29 Take better travel photos with these 10 accessories

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