I don't know if this was posted before, but i just found it, and it's great!

2022.01.27 02:49 robert_sanchezs I don't know if this was posted before, but i just found it, and it's great!

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2022.01.27 02:49 onlyasgoodasmygod Lil hermit crab guy!

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2022.01.27 02:49 CypSteel Premade LED WIFI Controllers?

Idea: Bedroom appliance that has LED's that respond to some value parsed from the internet. If xyz > 3, turn red.
I know I can prototype a esp8266 or other controller to create one, but it would be easier to buy one and program the logic of the trigger. Are there any cheap platforms out there with LED's already built in and just provide the programming plane to parse a website? Sorry if this is a stupid question, I am a bit out of my league here.
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2022.01.27 02:49 _4C1D With Divided by Zero banned, what’s the next best Bounce Spell to replace it?

We have a good amount of bounce spells available for blue, but what do you think will see most play now that [[Divided by Zero]] is gone?
Asking for a friend of course.
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2022.01.27 02:49 iridescent_star29 How to cope with inferior complex? (new grad applying season)

I'm in the process of applying for jobs after grad and feeling super stressed. I've also been looking over LinkedIn and seeing amazing updates from my friends with the position and career of their choices. I am happy for them but whenever I see a post like that, it makes me so depressed and reflex on my journey and thinking I would never be able to do so. Like I would feel like I'm not enough, or like not adequate (in terms of abilities). I don't know how to best express this in words but how do you guys overcome this feeling and get motivated to try more?
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2022.01.27 02:49 AdSad9107 Karma for Karma 🥰🥰

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2022.01.27 02:49 Themaskedgabby69 Gym time

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2022.01.27 02:49 121keto Rajasthani Restaurants in buldhana with Price and Contact Number

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2022.01.27 02:49 New_Day_2879 Nervous to move in with my boyfriend

This is a bit long but I am feeling very stuck and need some advice.
My boyfriend (32m) and myself (24f) have been discussing moving in together for almost a year. This process became an official work in progress in mid December 2021. We’ve been on vacations together, we’ve spent more than enough time staying together to get a feel for what it would be like if it were 24/7. He’s clean, he’s very on top of household chores and is relatively neat for a guy.
The reason I’m nervous is because I am fiercely independent and have been living by myself since I graduated from college. I love having my own space and being able to decompress without worrying about someone invading my space. I had shitty roommates in college so living on my own was a great change. Similarly, my goal from the beginning of college was to move out of my parents house immediately following graduation, which was a goal I worked very hard to achieve. I managed to accomplish it when COVID first began as well. So it was a very big deal for me to live on my own for numerous reasons.
I am also highly introverted and need genuine alone time to decompress. I know there are people that will agree that being home alone quality alone time is way different and way better and I always have that living on my own.
My boyfriend and I are really good at discussing boundaries and communicating our needs. He’s very upfront and has said numerous times he would rather have an uncomfortable conversation than let something go unspoken and have it fester and become resentment later on.
Im nervous to move in with him because I’m upset I will never have the “living by myself” alone time anymore. I also am a little annoyed that I will have to plan my day and activities with him in mind sometimes, instead of just going about my day and only needing to worry about myself. Growing up, I never got much of a say in my life until I got to college. I think I may just be anxious about losing the freedom and independence I worked so hard to have, even though im not really losing it, it’s just changing in a way.
Has anyone dealt with this when moving in with their partner? It’s my biggest concern and his as well. We’ve discussed it a few times, however I am not sure how to express it in a way that will make sense to him as I am still trying to figure out how I’m thinking and feeling.
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2022.01.27 02:49 Underscythe-Venus An odd question

Ello, I’m in an interesting situation. Long story short I have a character for something that wears the Anubis variant of armor. If you have it could you please help me with my situation?
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2022.01.27 02:49 clip_mirror_bot Average VR chat user

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2022.01.27 02:49 TheRealCptnGoldbeard Why did the devs get rid of this bonus enchantment from the game? What other bonus enchants were taken out early on?

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2022.01.27 02:49 sqadri_92 Marama Corlett Biography, Actress, Net Worth, Wiki, Age, Height, Career Read the complete biography by following the below link: https://www.nextbiography.com/marama-corlett/?feed_id=2192 #nextbiography

Marama Corlett Biography, Actress, Net Worth, Wiki, Age, Height, Career Read the complete biography by following the below link: https://www.nextbiography.com/marama-corlett/?feed_id=2192 #nextbiography submitted by sqadri_92 to NextBiography [link] [comments]

2022.01.27 02:49 Eddy_256 Hi everyone am Edrine LGBTIQ refugee currently staying in a refugee camp. Please sorry to bother you but whoever can please help me and my fellow LGBTIQ refugees that am staying with to buy food 🙏 please we facing food shortage.

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2022.01.27 02:49 mcccxx Why was OCBC the target of the recent phishing attacks? https://ift.tt/33KValj

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2022.01.27 02:49 Dsg1695 Would you stop talking to this guy?

I’ve spoken to him on and off, we spoke initially through a dating app and then moved over to IG years ago. It’s fuzzy to me, we didn’t talk that much he’d reply to my stories but we spoke on the phone for the first time fall 2021. We really don’t speak that often, I posted story about playing UNO through app and he said he’d play with me. He’s 3 hrs behind, we began msging about it Friday while he said he was at work, he didn’t reply until midnight Saturday. I couldn’t find him so I gave him my username Saturday morning to add me, he saw the message a few hours after and hasn’t replied back to me.
TL;DR: should I jump the gun & assume I was ghosted?
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2022.01.27 02:49 Sunflower-Bennett Burning feeling after sex, over 6 months now. Please help!

About 9 months ago I got my first of a series of recurring yeast infections, and one of my main symptoms was burning inside the vagina (not vulva) during and after sex. I was on several courses of fluconazole (diflucan) and it kept coming back every 2 months or so until last month when it went away for good with a long course of diflucan and boric acid suppositories.
After not having sex for months because of these issues, I finally tried again today. More burning. It feels like yanking out the driest tampon ever, and the burning continues after sex. I’ve tried with and without lube, I’ve been turned on, I’ve tested negative for yeast and BV and all STDs. Again, the burning is on the inside of the vagina, not the vulva.
I have no idea what would be causing this but I’m in my early 20’s and not having had pain free sex for over 6 months has taken a huge toll on me. I feel like I’m annoying my doctor because they’ve tested me for everything and found nothing. Please help!
Some other info: - I have had the Mirena IUD since 2017 - I have only had sex with one person, my current partner, and we have not used condoms since I got my Mirena.
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2022.01.27 02:49 No_5127 Mission: The Invasion of Alpha State (part 1)

Hello, everyone. As always i post here text from my dusty files.
The Invasion of Alpha State
a Paranoia™ adventure by Geoff Gander (© 1996, 2002)
GM’s Note:
This adventure scenario presents the players with the chance to feel good about themselves for once, before they get nuked. In this mission, the players will get the chance to participate in an invasion by Alpha Complex of the hated Alpha State (that Commie bastion of treason!). As with many other Paranoia adventures, feel free to improvise. In fact, you’re going to have to improvise in some parts - I had to do this several times when I playtested this adventure.
Before we go too much further, however, the GM should know the truth behind the mission that the Troubleshooters are about to undertake. It’s not quite so simple as “go to Alpha State, bomb a few targets, and return home as heroes”; the mission is neither legitimate nor recognised by the Computer. What happened was that, a couple of weekcycles ago, a small group of bored High Programmers decided to liven up their combat simulation video games by linking their ongoing campaigns to the Computer’s own data logs, such that attacks mounted against the Communists or the Outside would be copied over into the game’s files, allowing the players to create more realistic scenarios and opponents. Unfortunately, one of those High Programmers was a Computer Phreak, who got carried away with his part of the programming and decided to “enhance” the scenarios to make them even tougher. In doing so, he forgot to save his part of the coding in the High Programmers’ secret, secure game directories, and instead stored them in the Computer’s main drives. The end result, of course, is that the Computer accessed that data, which set the stage for an invasion of Alpha State, and interpreted that information as real. In Its paranoid state of mind, the Computer did not question the notion that the core of Commie villainy could just suddenly appear out of nowhere, at the location specified (ZOT Sector), and It decided that Alpha State should be destroyed at once. Cue the Troubleshooters…
As an extra note, read everything in bold aloud to your players - everything else is information for the GM only, though some of it may read to the players as well, depending on their actions. This adventure was written with 2nd Edition rules in mind; you may have to alter some sections to suit your campaign if you are using 1st or 5th Edition rules instead.
Chapter 0 - The Mission Alert:
You are all relaxing in the Troubleshooter Lounge, enjoying your sixteen-and-a-half minutecycle break from todaycycle’s Mandatory Fun Fitness Events. Boy, you’re sure stiff and sore! Perhaps this was due to the 450 sit-ups you had to do this morningcycle, but your friend the Computer said that the Citizens of Alpha Complex are in poor health, and corrective action must be taken to ensure the populace is fit enough to withstand the Commie onslaught that is sure to come any daycycle now!
The players should be acting appropriately here - pretending to be in pain, or sighing with relief. If they are not getting into the spirit of the game, give each delinquent player a few treason points. They should also act patriotic when you mention the Commie threat - give each unenthusiastic player another treason point or two if they are not. You may wish to randomly execute one of them if they are really showing a lack of zeal - that’ll show ‘em!
Fifteen minutecycles into your break, you hear from the speaker mounted in this room:
Well, this certainly is an important mission. So important, in fact, that the location of the briefing room is very close to where the Troubleshooters are at the moment. Requesting the Computer to provide them with the information will reveal to them that the briefing room in question is just down the hall. Of course, if your players are experienced in the ways of Paranoia, they will immediately know that something is up. If they are novices, then this should lull them into a false sense of security. In either case, this works to your advantage. Experienced players will be living in mortal terror for the next while, knowing that things are never this easy in Paranoia. Beginners will think that this mission might be perfectly safe and fun, if the briefing room is so conveniently close by. Do not dispel either of these notions - your players will be much easier to control this way.
In any case, your players will want to meet secret society contacts for extra information on what is coming up – use this as an opportunity to hand out their secret society missions (either take them aside and read them out privately, or copy the appropriate pages at the end of this module and cut out the missions). Once this is done, it’s on to the mission briefing!
Chapter 1 - The Mission Briefing:
Having come down the corridor, you arrive at the door to your briefing room. Unlike your previous experiences, this Red door is not imposing; nor does it appear to bristle with formidable defences. You notice a distinct lack of coaxial laser cannons trained in your general direction, just as you note that a well-concealed trap door, covering a nearly bottomless chute leading to the sector’s main reactor, is not primed and ready to drop you to your doom. In fact, you notice very little that poses an immediate threat to your existence. It looks...normal.
Ha! That’ll get them worried, if they’re experienced Paranoia players!! Nothing is supposed to be this simple, but it is! Your seasoned players will no doubt probe and prod the door, testing to see where its defences - well-concealed and deadly, of course - are located. Let them try to find the nonexistent traps, let them waste their time trying to find dangers that don’t exist. If they’re already in this frame of mind, don’t discourage this behaviour - it’s highly useful, and many poor Paranoia GMs all over the world would gladly sacrifice their grandmothers to have players who are that well conditioned. As for new players, let them blithely walk into the briefing room, unaware that such ease is an aberration. You can always hose them down next time.
If the party wastes more than a few rounds poking and prodding at the door, their tardiness will be noted by a distinctly-not-absent-yet-very-well-hidden security camera. Assign each Troubleshooter one treason point. Once the Troubleshooters have satisfied themselves that no immediate threat exists, proceed to the next section, below.
Edging your way past the door, you enter the dingy Red room ahead of you, measuring roughly five metres on a side. No furniture is evident, and the walls are bare of any adornment. In fact, you appear to be the only clones here; there’s not even a briefing officer or a token Vulture Warrior present! As the last of you file in, the door slides shut silently, with a jarring click informing you that it is well-locked. Moments pass. More moments pass. Hourcycles seem to speed by, yet no one else enters the room.
After reading this, just sit there. Don’t do anything for a few minutes, then roll some dice, pretend to write something down, or make a show of flipping some pages - seemingly searching for some important tidbit of information that will affect the party immensely. Keep doing this until your players begin to get nervous. Eventually, they should become edgy, knowing that they were just lucky with the door; now you’re going to kill them off for sure. Ask for one or more members of the party to make some Moxie checks, and if they fail, tell them not to worry, then pretend to write something down. If they succeed their checks, tell them privately that they think they hear a faint hissing noise - it sounds a lot like some sort of gas is being piped into the room!
Of course, there is no danger. The hissing sound is real, but it comes from a ruptured pipe not far overhead, leaking compressed air. Don’t tell them this, of course; let them become fearful, let them try to escape from the room, let them panic! The door and walls are made of a highly resilient alloy that is virtually indestructible, and any attempts on the part of the players to blast their way out will be recorded on camera, and each Troubleshooter involved will incur two treason points for attempting to destroy Computer property. Once the Troubleshooters have had enough, read:
Suddenly, a loud, grinding noise shatters the oppressive silence! Before you, at the front of the room, a section of the floor drops away, revealing a lectern, which is slowly rising into the room on whining hydraulics. Standing behind the lectern is a very sober-looking Blue-clothed briefing officer. Seconds pass, and the lectern is finally in place after a resounding thump. Unshaken, the officer looks at all of you with disdain, and speaks:
“Good morningcycle, Citizens.”
This is a good time for the PCs to jump in and express their happiness about life in Alpha Complex. Eye-B-SIK-5, the briefing officer, will take note of those who are not enthusiastic. By the way, Eye-B is protected by a revolutionary R&D device - an invisible energy field that reflects all laser and energy blasts directed at him back at the firer. Just in case the Troubleshooters even consider offing him. Before long, Eye-B continues:
“You may or may not be aware of the ongoing war between the loyal forces of the Computer and the evil Commie mutant hordes, but it is going on nonetheless. Now, after many, many yearcycles of war, the end may be in sight, in which we may prevail for the greater glory of the Computer, Alpha Complex, and the freedom to consume copious amounts of Bouncy Bubble Beverage.”
Pause to give your players sufficient time to express an appropriate amount of zeal. You should assign one treason point to every player who is not excited over the prospect of winning the war, and of consuming large amounts of Alpha Complex’s favourite drink.
“Indeed, this is a momentous occasion - all the more so for you, I might add - because you have been volunteered to be part of the great invasion force that will smite the enemy complex, Alpha State! The invasion will be horrifying, it will be bloody, but it is necessary, before the enemy decides to attack us and destroy our wonderful way of life. In fact, this upcoming conflagration is such a pressing concern for Our Friend, the Computer, and so taxing upon our resources, that we will spend almost no time training you. Only six hourcycles have been allotted to you for your familiarisation with the equipment and vehicles that will be used on this momentous mission.
“Are there any questions before you disperse for your training? No? Good!” And with that, the briefing officer vanishes into the floor, which closes silently behind him.
Don’t give the Troubleshooters a chance to ask any questions. Eye-B is off to enjoy a six-monthcycle vacation in DOA Sector, and he has no time to deal with questions from lowly Troubleshooters, or to provide them such trifling information as the location of their training room. The Troubleshooters are free to contact the Computer for confirmation of the mission. They will learn that the mission was placed on the roster yesterdaycycle, and was deemed high priority. The Computer will then politely ask the Troubleshooters why they are not in Room 567-B, POP Sector, for their training. Smart players will immediately rush off to POP Sector to avoid the Computer’s wrath.
Chapter 2 - Training:
When the Troubleshooters arrive in POP Sector, they will be apprehended by a small squad of Vulture Warriors, who will then escort them to a large, nondescript building. They will then be guided along numerous corridors, until they arrive at a small Red door with the sign “567-B” on it. Inside, they see the following:
You are in a very large room - at least 500 metres long and 200 metres wide. The ceiling, high above you, is lost in blackness. All around you are what appears to be Citizens of every clearance, either rushing about or listening intently to what is being told to them by high-clearance officials, some of whom are dressed in Armed Forces uniforms.
“Ah, there you are!” a voice exclaims nearby. “You’re the other newbies that are on the list!” You see before you a tall Armed Forces clone, Orange clearance, whose name reads “Sergeantr-O-KKK-2”. He motions for you to follow him deeper into the building, where you see a large gathering taking place.
The Troubleshooters should be loyal Citizens and follow Sergeantr-O to the gathering. Otherwise, some of the higher-clearance Armed Forces goons could become a little suspicious, and might ponder why the Troubleshooters do not appear to be eager to go on a mission that involves killing Commies. Once they (or their clone replacements) have all agreed to go, read:
You are escorted to the apparent centre of the room, where several hundred clones are gathered in front of a podium, which is backed by a large vidscreen. Moments later, a nondescript Indigo clearance citizen strides to the podium, and gazes at the assembled clones. He waits for several minutecycles, and then speaks:
“Citizens, as you are aware, you have been summoned here for a momentous occasion - nothing less than the final battle against the evil Communist hordes!”
The entire crowd erupts into loud and raucous cheering. Renditions of the Alpha Complex Battle Hymn are sung, jingoistic slogans are recited, and the overall mood of everyone seems to lift for a few moments. A quick clatter of automatic weapons fire, a few bright flashes of light, a scattering of screams, and the crowd is subdued once more. The clone continues:
“You have all been selected by the Computer Itself, both for your sterling record of loyalty, and in recognition of the fact that you are all part of Alpha Complex’s finest - the best of the Troubleshooters. Because of this, you are all about to participate in the invasion of Alpha State, and the final destruction of the insidious spectre of Communism. Tomorrow morningcycle, you will all be manning the latest we have to offer in fighter-bomber technology. Backed by Vulture squadrons, you will be invincible as you strike into the heart of the enemy!”
Once more, loud, riotous cheers erupt from the audience. This time, the vidscreen behind the Indigo lights up, revealing what looks like a squadron of fighter aircraft, flying in formation. The crowd quiets down.
“As you can all see, you will all be flying in Model 82 Vulturecraft Fighter-Bombers - 21 in all - in a ‘V’ formation towards your target. Guarded along your flanks, and probing ahead of you, will be several squadrons of fighters. Your flight plan will be dictated by your guidance computers, and, once you have reached Alpha State, you will drop your payloads of tacnuke warheads on selected targets. Having accomplished your missions, you will all fly safely back to Alpha Complex, and leave the cleanup operations to our ground troops.
“Your mission is very simple, and, with the protection of our fighter squadrons, not very dangerous at all. Consider it the ultimate expression of faith that the Computer has selected you all for this pivotal role in the final campaign against the Commie mutant hordes. Now then, you will all disperse to your respective training groups, and prepare yourselves for a glorious mission tomorrowcycle!”
With that, the Indigo citizen steps down from the podium, amid deafening applause.
The Computer’s ever-present security cameras will, of course, not fail to notice if the Troubleshooters are less than totally enthralled at the prospect of dropping nuclear bombs on another complex. Give each killjoy one treason point. Before they can get wise to the situation and escape, our hapless heroes will encounter Sergeantr-O-KKK-2 once again, and this time he will escort them to their training group, which consists of three fighter-bomber teams.
As it will quickly turn out, the Troubleshooter Team has been assigned to one Fighter-Bomber, with each team member taking on the various responsibilities of operating and defending the vehicle. Sergeantr-O will designate a position to each individual Troubleshooter, but you can inject a little bit of randomness into this event by having your players draw their positions by lot. The prop you will need for this is a hat (or similar receptacle - not included with this adventure) and eight pieces of scrap paper. On each piece, write one of the following:
1 Pilot
2 Co-pilot
3 Forward Gunner
4 Top Gunner
5 Lower Gunner
6 Left Mid Gunner
7 Right Mid Gunner
8 Tail Gunner
Have each player draw one piece of paper out of the hat - this is the position they will occupy in the fighter-bomber, and for which they will receive training. If the Troubleshooter Team is too small, you may opt to eliminate the co-pilot position, and amalgamate the mid gunner posts into one position. Alternatively, you could place NPCs in these positions.
This is also a good time to assign Mandatory Bonus Duties to the Troubleshooters. Just before their training begins in earnest, a Green Armed Forces soldier, Grund-G-GUY-3, marches stiffly up to them, drops a load of forms at their feet, and tells them curtly to fill them out within the next three minutecycles. He never looks up from his watch while the Troubleshooters fill them out. They had better do as he says – a nearby squad of Orange Armed Forces thugs will see to that with their laser pistols (skill 11, damage L8). Give your players three minutes to fill out those forms, just to enhance the realism of the game, and also to indulge your sadistic tendencies (you are a Paranoia GM, after all). Once their time is up, take the forms away from them and tally up the scores. Assign MDBs as appropriate, and assign each Troubleshooter one treason point and a fine of 50 credits for each unanswered question. Once this is done, and necessary executions have been carried out, the mission can continue.
The training that the Troubleshooters will receive consists of basic familiarisation with the position they will occupy, and an increase of six in the required skill. Therefore, pilots and co-pilots have their Vulturecraft Op & Maint skills increased by six, while gunners receive increases in Vehicle Aimed Weapons skills. If the requisite skill is already 10 or higher, that clone will receive no increase in their skill. One the skill points have been given out, and any secret society missions assigned, the clones need only wait until the next daycycle, when the fun begins...
Chapter 3 – Let’s Grab Our Gear and Go!:
Hopefully the Troubleshooters will have been lulled into a false sense of security by now, in that they might believe that this mission is both straightforward and not very dangerous. You, as the GM, know better. Early the next daycycle, the mayhem begins – read:
After having endured brain-damaging Armed Forces training yesterdaycycle, you are all relaxing once more in the Troubleshooter lounge, sipping away on Bouncy Bubble Beverage and enjoying the latest Teela-O-MLY vidshow. Breakfast is already a dimly receding memory, and it seems that the remainder of the daycycle might pass uneventfully. Maybe the mission will not go ahead, after all?
The Troubleshooters should report to POP Sector PL&C without delay. Unfortunately, while on their way to the nearest transtube station, they are accosted by a flushed Violet Citizen, who orders their assistance. This Citizen, Anne-V-KEY-5, was forced from her luxury apartment by a small horde of rampaging scubots gone frankenstein. She orders them to follow her to her apartment (assuming the Troubleshooters comply with her orders – she will contact the Computer if they do not, and six treason points will be added to their records for disobeying a Citizen of higher clearance, regardless of whether or not the Troubleshooters were on prior business). Once there, she will show them the door, and curtly tell them to go in and take control of the situation, but not to “damage anything precious”.
Once inside, the Troubleshooters will be confronted with a minor war zone – the pristine furniture has been demolished by the rogue bots in their mad cleaning frenzy, and pools of caustic chemicals lie all over the place. Facing the heroes is a group of six scrubots, some of which are armed with conventional weapons. The scrubots’ main tactic is to fire upon the Troubleshooters (for those who have weapons), while the others charge the clones. The only thought of the scrubots is to kill the Troubleshooters as quickly as possible; they will not seek to escape. While this is going on, Anne-V will wait outside, impatiently telling the clones to “hurry up and get rid of those pesky scrubots”. As the apartment is likely to sustain even more damage from the firefight, you, as GM, may wish to describe how those shots that miss their targets burn or blow holes in the remaining furniture and other items in the room.
Assuming the Troubleshooters (or their replacement clones) win the battle, they will probably want to get away as soon as possible, before Anne-V orders them to clean up the mess (if they look around, the Troubleshooters will notice a laundry chute embedded in one of the walls, which conveniently leads to a large hamper behind the apartment complex). In fact, unless your players explicitly say they are going to try to get out of there as soon as possible, she will re-enter her apartment, survey the mess, and order them to do so, threatening to inform the Computer of their unco-operative natures if they fail to comply. Here, if the Troubleshooters radio the Computer for help, Anne-V will be informed that the Troubleshooters have already been assigned to a mission of utmost importance, for which they are late. Anne-V will then suggest that the Troubleshooter Team be assigned to cleanup duty after their mission, to which the Computer will agree.
Regardless of how the situation is resolved (or not), the Troubleshooters should find themselves on their way to POP Sector PL&C before long.
Production, Logistics, & Commissary:
When the Troubleshooters arrive at POP Sector PL&C, they will find the facility surrounded by Vulture Warriors, who in turn are holding back a large crowd of irate, albeit intimidated, Citizens. The Vulture troopers will order the Troubleshooters to proceed to PL&C to obtain their equipment, explaining that, due to the importance of their mission, all regular PL&C business has been halted so that the team can pick up its gear with as little delay as possible. This should make veteran Paranoia players extremely nervous.
Once inside PL&C, the Troubleshooters will find nothing standing between them and the service wicket – not one agonisingly long line of frustrated clones is to be found anywhere. While they are gawking at the strangeness of the scene before them, the obviously bored PL&C clerk impatiently gestures for them to go over and pick up their gear. The clerk, Duct-O-TAP-4, gives an equipment manifest to the Team Leader, and asks them to sign it (hand prop #1 to the appropriate player). If any of the clones ask Duct-O about the text at the bottom of the manifest, he will angrily tell them to stop asking questions and sign the form, or otherwise he will not provide them with their mission equipment. Any Troubleshooter who tries to intimidate Duct-O by referring to the importance the Computer has placed on the mission will have to make a quartered check to succeed; nothing short of getting the Computer to intercede on the Troubleshooters’ behalf will work, and even so, It will insist that the Team Leader (or whoever is designated to fill out the form) comply with Alpha Complex regulations and sign it. If the Troubleshooters pursue this route, they will each by fined 50 credits for holding up the mission, and they will each be assigned an additional treason point. If the Troubleshooters try to shoot Duct-O, he will press a concealed button that lowers a blast shield (ALL 8 armour) in front of him, and summons a squad of five Blue IntSec troopers armed with automatic slugthrowers (skill 12, P8 damage) in four rounds to deal with the Troubleshooters. Continue the adventure once the clone replacements arrive.
Once the Troubleshooters sign for their equipment, it will be carried out by several forkbots. Fortunately, the equipment is already packed into crates for easy transportation; unfortunately, all three crates measure approximately two metres on a side, and each is impossible to lift. Duct-O will conveniently disappear once the equipment has been delivered. If the Troubleshooters ask the Computer what they should do next, It will instruct them to report to DUD Sector Armed Forces Hangar #42.
The question is, how do they bring all that mission equipment with them? They cannot leave it behind – that would be treason. There are a number of options they could try:
  1. Call on Duct-O to requisition a transbot: Duct-O will only be too happy to issue the Troubleshooters a transbot, one that he promises will serve them perfectly (seasoned Paranoia players should cringe at this). Once one of the Troubleshooters signs for the vehicle, Duct-O will disappear once more, and then reappear moments later with a set of keys, tossing them to the Troubleshooter who signed the form. Wishing them the best of luck, Duct-O vanishes once more, but not before directing them to the garage. Once the Troubleshooters reach the garage, they will see the transbot – a rusted pile of junk, for which they have signed.
  2. Call the Computer for assistance: If the Troubleshooters ask the Computer for assistance, they will be told to stay where they are while an Automated Troubleshooter Redeployment Unit is sent to their position. Assuming they wait (execute them for disobeying the Computer otherwise), they will be greeted by what looks like a large tube on wheels, operated by a squad of Armed Forces clones. The Troubleshooters will then be instructed to crawl into the tube, which is then pointed in the direction of their destination, and fired. Roll on the Vehicular Accidents and Falling From Great Heights Table, under “101-200 kph”. Those clones who survive will be in DUD Sector Armed Forces Hangar #42. Clone replacements will appear normally.
  3. Anything else: If the Troubleshooters come up with an imaginative solution, perhaps you should give them a break – they will be in enough trouble before long, anyway.
Chapter 4 – Up, Up, and Away!:
Eventually, the Troubleshooters should make it to DUD Sector Armed Forces Hangar #42. There, they will be confronted with an awesome sight:
Finally, after many hourcycles of making your way across the nether regions of Alpha Complex, you finally arrive at your destination – DUD Sector Armed Forces Hangar #42. It’s big. Very big. So big that the other end of the hangar (and you assume it must have one, somewhere) is lost in the distance. Your view is dominated by a line of large vulturecraft, each one easily 40 metres long, with an even greater wingspan. Behind these large craft are a larger number of smaller flybots – presumably one-clone fighter craft. Around each of the larger vulturecraft are small hordes of clones loading supplies, ammunition, and other essentials for the mission. While you take all this in, you notice Sergeantr-O-KKK approach you. He doesn’t look pleased.
“There you are – late! I suppose you have an explanation…?”
Allow the Troubleshooters a minute or two to babble incoherent apologies and otherwise do some impromptu bootlicking (award commendations as appropriate). Should a firefight erupt in the process, a squad of ten Vulture Warriors, armed with slugthrowers (skill 11, damage P7), will be close enough to calm the Troubleshooters down. Once the grovelling has finished, Sergeantr-O continues:
“I should have you all reported to the Computer for treason! If you were any later the mission would have started without you, and your absence might have eventually led to complete Commie victory! But maybe you can redeem yourselves on this mission. I will now explain your upcoming mission, for the benefit of clones who too lazy to arrive on time for the final briefing one hourcycle ago!” He glares ominously at you before continuing.
“As you know, the Computer has ordered you to take part in a pre-emptive strike on Alpha State, to hit the vile enemy hard before it can react, and to pave the way for the invasion by the ground forces. As we speak, your mission equipment is being loaded onto your craft, in addition to your payload of nine tacnukes, to be dropped on targets specified by these orders.” He waves an Orange sheet of paper for effect.
“Your craft will be controlled by the onboard computer during takeoff and the voyage to Alpha State; manual control will be established once any enemy aircraft have been spotted, or when the squadron is over the target area. You are Bomber #13, of 6th Squadron. Each squadron consists of 21 bombers, and is accompanied by ten standard vulturecraft, who will serve as scouts and interceptors. Your actual mission is simple – so simple that I think even you miserable clones could do it. Once you reach your designated targets, drop your tacnukes, and then return home. Once the course is laid in, the onboard computer will take over once more, and handle the landing of the craft. Should you be shot down over enemy territory, your orders are to proceed to your targets and destroy them by any means available. Think you can manage that?”
Troubleshooters who do not answer enthusiastically, or do not answer at all, will be noted privately by Sergeantr-O. This could return to haunt the Troubleshooters during the debriefing, if they make it that far. Without waiting for any questions, Sergeantr-O orders the Troubleshooters to board their craft, and prepare for takeoff. By this time, their gear has been loaded onto the craft, and the GM can pull out the map of the craft (prop #4) for the player’s reference for this portion of the adventure. The descriptions of the various areas of the bomber are given below:
A. Front Gunner Bubble – This is a cramped gunnery station, enclosed by a reinforced Plexiglas bubble. In addition to the mounted slugthrower and the uncomfortable-looking seat, the only other feature is the hatch leading aft into the cockpit.
B. Cockpit – This area is dominated by the pilot and copilot chairs, as well as a complicated instrument panel. To the fore is the hatch leading to the front gunner bubble; another hatch leads aft into the main body of the bomber. Secured to the rear wall is a first aid kit and a fire extinguisher (which is empty).
C. Main Body – This section comprises the bulk of the bomber, and it contains the two mid gunner stations (the mounted slugthrowers are attached to the bulkhead by hinged metal swing arms), and the cargo hold (the bomber’s cargo is packed in crates along the bulkhead aft of the guns, and it is secured by straps and bolts). Exits lead fore to the cockpit, aft to the tail gunner bubble, up to the top gunner bubble, and down to the under gunner bubble (the latter two are accessible by hatches, and are almost identical to the front gunner bubble). Also present here is the bomber’s payload of nine tacnukes, suspended over the bomb bay doors (immediately fore of the mid gunner stations).
D. Tail Gunner Bubble - Like the front gunner bubble, this is a cramped gunnery station, enclosed by a reinforced Plexiglas bubble. There is a mounted slugthrower and gunnery seat, and the exit is fore, into the main body of the bomber.
The statistics for the various aircraft used in this adventure can be found in the GM’s appendix.
Accompanying the Troubleshooters on their mission are six Infrared porters, clones who were volunteered by the Computer to carry equipment, provide food and beverages, clean the bomber, and to aid in any repairs that must be made in the field. Being Infrareds, none of them have possessions of any significance or worth, although two of them do have concealed weapons on their persons. These Infrareds, all of whom are on their sixth clones (and know it) are presented to the Troubleshooters by one of the ground crew immediately after they board the bomber. Their statistics are listed in the NPC Roster at the end of this adventure.
Once everything is stowed, and the Troubleshooters take their positions, the invasion begins. What should be immediately noticeable is that the viewports of the bomber are opaque from the inside. A quick call to the Computer (Sergeantr-O-KKK is unavailable) will reveal the reason: since the invasion force is going Outiside, and knowledge of anything outside of Alpha Complex is treason, it was deemed necessary to protect the force by developing canopies and viewports that would become transparent only when necessary. The Troubleshooters are assured that once the bomber is turned over to manual control, the viewports will clear, allowing them to perform their mission. What the Troubleshooters do not know is that their mission will take them to another part of Alpha Complex, and that the experimental viewports might not function as intended. Of course, this serves the useful purpose of keeping the Troubleshooters in the dark until things get nasty.
What, No In-Flight Movie?!?:
Once the invasion force is aloft, there will not be much for the Troubleshooters to do until the enemy is sighted. This, of course, is fertile ground for random acts of mayhem. Here are some things that can go wrong before the actual fighting begins (in fact, some of these things can even happen during the fighting, which could make the Troubleshooters’ lives very interesting – and not in a good way). This list is by no means exhaustive:
  1. A minor sensor on the bomber could suddenly malfunction, resulting in an ominously flashing red light on the cockpit control panel. Since the pilot and/or co-pilot have not had much training, there is a good chance they will not know what this means (a quartered Vulturecraft Op. & Maint. check would be appropriate for determining the cause of the problem). Thus, they can mistake a malfunctioning water moisture sensor for a nonfunctional landing gear, or stress fractures in the fuselage, or decreasing cabin pressure. That should get them going.
  2. The cargo could shift during flight, possibly breaking something important, or not. Regardless, the noise made sounds expensive, and that should strike fear in the hearts of the Troubleshooters – or at least the one who signed for the mission equipment. Any damage might also have been the result of sabotage, either by one of the Infrareds or the Troubleshooters, and as a result suspicions might arise among the crew, with the possible result being a firefight (see below).
  3. Communist Troubleshooters might try to seize the opportunity and take over the bomber. If this is the case, the two Commie Infrareds will aid them. Alternatively, they could sneak into the cargo hold and try to sabotage or destroy some of the equipment, or steal some of it.
  4. One or more of the Troubleshooters might begin to develop a reaction to the various drugs in their systems. GMs should consult Acute Paranoia if they have it, rolling on the X table. The result of this could be anything from crazy clones shooting at everything that moves, to someone being put out of action due to drug-related trauma (forcing the remaining crew to cover that position, or to execute the clone and wait for the replacement).
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2022.01.27 02:49 geometrytime Downfall of Castle and Country + Rubedo= Win?

Okay I am admittedly new to the Overlord light novel series I just read volume 7 and have been digging around a bit on the wiki. First off, I am 99% sure Albedo is is taking a hit squad out to find and kill some players (Heck maybe even some supreme beings due to her "Passion" for a certain Elder Litch). Her request for the strongest team just seems a bit too much for dangers in a world that is beneath the The Great Tomb, such as New Worlders just saying.
With Rubedo outside the protective walls of Nazarick it got me thinking of when Negredo thought that her sister would bring the downfall or some type destruction on the Tomb, this got me thinking real hard on it that was possible. Now lets say and I am reaching miles one this because I am not sure that Ainz gave Rubedo a world class Item, but even if he did lets just say due to some new world buggery. Rubedo gets Shallteared by the seemingly OP AF world Item "Downfall of Castle and Country".
Lets say that the entirety of Black Scripture as well as Zesshi ambushes them and someone manages to hold on long enough to get it off and it hits Rubedo.
And before you say this is completely contrived due to the op nature of this team Black Scripture is not your run of the mill mooks. By new world standards I would say they are end game threats. Yes they are nothing against the full might of Nazarick but even if they were all getting one-shot per second they got enough meat shields to pull off 1 spell at least and with the captain able to read power levels. I'm pretty sure he would tell the caster to aim at the strongest entity there before he dies. Hell, put the damn thing on Zesshi if it makes it work for you I am pretty sure she can tank a few attacks from a floor Guardian before going down.
Now lets say when they get this off they quickly give the command of "Turn against your former master" or "Ally with the Slain theocracy."
How much damage against The Great Tomb Nazarick would that do? Rubedo from what I have read is stated to be the strongest NPC in Nazarick. Not even the strongest player in the Guild Lord Touch Me (That fucking name...) could beat her. She sounds like a raid boss on steroids in my humble opinion and thats putting it mildly.
If they got control of her would Aniz- Cough Demiurge's plans be halted and even stopped dead in place. Would she be able to cause enough damage for the tomb to crack or even implode. And lets say if she was controlled by a certain God-kin or if you wanna go that route Vengeful Dragon Lord who hates Yggdrasil players, could she turn the tide For the new world?
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2022.01.27 02:49 BackITOutBenji Which kind of style of rap was better from the decades

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2022.01.27 02:49 Pendley Hills above the fog

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2022.01.27 02:49 Impressive_Sorbet_85 Watch Repair

Hey all
Anyone can reccomend a trusworthty and skillfull watch repairer?
I have my grandfathers old seiko watch that was handed down to me when he passed. It’s not working at the moment, went to get its battery replaced twice now. It will work for a couple days then stop working again. Seems like it’s draining its battery quick.
Watch itself is inexpensive, nothing flashy. Just want to get it working so I can wear it again.
Thanks in advance!
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2022.01.27 02:49 burneraccount657 Secret attraction

Been attracted to my cousin for years. We never really grew up together but she felt distant. I know i'm a pervert because i was able to get two of my other cousins to send me nudes, one was a stripper and the other i met at a family reunion. The most recent one, she's a bit of an artsy person. But she's shy / introvert when she's out in public. I knew she had a little wild side when we had did a photoshoot one time and she was telling me some stories about her sneaking into clubs. That side of my family is also really religious and i know the women who usually around those type of people growing up want to express themselves and not be so restrictive. So i knew some where i could convince her eventually to send me something.
I knew her personallity was a little freakish, but she was like one of those quiet freaks. So i made a burner IG account and asked if she sell pics? A few of them were NN and i spent 300$ for them. The second set i tested a waters a bit and she sent me full nudes of her most perky tits and oiled up ass. I did a Google image serach and definitely knew this was her because she even shows half her face in them. I couldn't out right ask her cause obviously im related to her, but i got a thrill out of the secrecy.
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